Monday, October 31, 2005


When Uncle Lim's first started its business at Ikano, I was extremely surprised to hear that business was quite good, despite of the higher than normal prices. The company was set up by my friend's father's good friend, and I was told that there were plans to expand, and it did.

Quite recently, my dad told me that our famous railway station kopi has now opened a new biz at One Utama simply known as Kluang Station. My dad wanted to pay a courtesy visit to his friend's new shop but I really didn't like the idea of going all the way to One Utama for a cup of kopi!! I mean... I get ALL I want to eat for a fraction of whatever the price listed there in Kluang!

As a young child, I loved going to the railway station for the (then cheap-cheap) nasi lemak, kopi, half boiled egg and (yummy, yummy) my all-time favourite toast bun with home-made kaya and butter.... As business grew, the nasi lemak became more expensive and without the "liao" like cucumber and egg some more. Each time hubby and I balik my kampung, we'll always try to stop at the railway station kopitiam, makan and then tapao a can of kaya to bring back to KL.

To date, I've not tried any of the two new kopitiams and don't know if I'll ever drop by there to see-see-look-look. For now, I'm happy with the can of kopi I tapaoed back from the railway station in my kampung Kluang and the occasional kaya that I get from there as well. Mum makes good nasi lemak as well, so not much of a worry there. Half boiled egg? sap-sap sui... can make at home.

Still..... the perfect texture of the egg, the softness and nicely toasted buns plus the fragrant kao-kao kopi is to die for lah.... Aiyo...... I think no choice but to make my way there to Kluang Station at One U.!!


Zara's Mama said...

So there's really a Kluang Station in Kluang?

We were in 1-U yesterday, that place was packed! Not a single table left, and people were queueing for a place.

We ended up having the 8ban ramen next door.

Baby Smooches said...

there's a railway station in Kluang and there's a so-called kopitiam at the station. The buns are superbly nice. The kaya is home-made and the best I've ever eaten (apart from my aunt's one).

Next time you happen to go to Kluang, do go by there. You'll never regret trying the buns and perfect eggs there! :-)

mom2ashley said...

looks like people have hyped-up or commercialized simple food - dont you think so? uncle lim and kluang station's concepts are all based on simple kopitiam style kinda food/drinks at a higher price..*sigh*...

Baby Smooches said...

it's a rat race out there, so can make money, then make money lor..

Anonymous said...

u from Kluang ?

i also try to make it a point to drop by the station to eat nasi lemak, half boil egg and toasted bread for tea. Always try to get the round ones. Tea time is BIG time in Kluang.-Max

Baby Smooches said...

Hey, Max! Do I know you? ;-) Balik from Australia?
Ya, I always like their buns, toasted over the charcoal grill, with the nice thick piece of melting butter and home made kaya!

Anonymous said...

know me ? dun think so lar. me 100% in Msia all the time. - Max


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