Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Disney Live! in KL

On Deepavali day, hubby & I took the kids and my mum to see the Disney Live! Show at Bukit Jalil. I was given 3 free Category A tickets and bought another RM158 Category A ticket for my mum so we can take her along.

It was one entertaining show and brought me back to my childhood days where I used to love watching Mickey Mouse and reading the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc...

The incorporation of the superb magical skills was simply awesome and it was certainly a wholesome family outing.

With Broomsticks flying in the air, Minnie Mouse and the princess from Aladdin floating in the air and the many beautiful dances and glittering and shimmering costumes and stage designs, I felt like a little child again. Until now, I am still wondering how the magicians "cut up" two of the ladies, split up their bodies into two and exchange the bottom halves between the two. Just simply amazing.

The kids were simply fascinated with the whole performances. Brendan was glued to his seat with his mouth opened at times. Eryn started dancing by the isle with the many beautiful performances. I personally loved the Cinderella show.

It was an enchanting experience for the whole daily. Hubby who isn't really into cartoons and don't know much about the character was equally impressed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Cute hor"

From most than a week, Eryn's nanny was away to visit her grown up daughter. So, I was at home with Eryn for 2 days, and took her around with me for the other days.

Last Monday, there was a Raya makan in my freelance workplace. Eryn came along and had fun mingling with some of the aunties at mummy's workplace. She ate lots and lots of chocolates, cakes and sweets and that's all she ate for lunch.

Everyone commented that she looks like a boy and said that she looks so cute. Eryn will then give her widest smile and with a twinkle in her eyes, she'll say "Cute hor..." Everyone around her laughed at her cuteness.

Then, a few days later, mummy took Eryn to her other workplace and one uncle commented, "Wah... you're such a smart boy!", not realising what he had just said. When someone said, "You're so cute...", Eryn will again give her sweetest smile and say, "Cute hor..."

On a separate occasiona, Eryn followed mummy & daddy to a friend's wedding dinner in Eastin Hotel. A photographer spotted her and started snapping away... Eryn started posing for the camera and here are some of the outcome :

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tag : Autograph book

Got a new tag and is from a new blogger : Martini . I've met Martini once and we had communicated a few times in a mother's group. I find her to be quite a strong and determined mother and a wonderful person.

Here's the tag :

#1 What is your favourite movie?
can't think of any specific movie now, but it ranges from action packed, sci-fi, horror to romantic movies :)

#2 Who is your favourite singer?
No specific person but I kinda like the Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men group, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Ronan Keating, Reshmonu, Don Moen, etc..

#3 Which song gets you grooving in the morning?
Light Instrumental, Jazz, Ballads..... definitely no rock or hard core metal.

#4 What is your favourite fruit?
Freshly plucked cherries from the tree and mangoes.

#5 Who is your best friend (excluding your family)?
I have a few..... but I'd mention my kampung-mate who stays in the same area with me, go to the same school with me, we played for the school netball team, she married her high school sweetheart, has 2 kids of her own, and is now working in Singapore.........you know who you are :)

#6 Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time.
I have a few too - reading, TV, painting, playing the piano, etc.

#7 When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt?
The kids always makes me laugh. So, the last time I laughed was this morning when Eryn rolled over me and pulled at my face.

#8 Do you recall your last dream?
Can't recall.

#9 What is your all-time favourite hobby?
Playing the piano.

#10 When was your last holiday without the children?
To Cherating, sometimes in 2004 I think, with hubby's company's trip.

Not passing to anyone this time.

What the "F"?

No, that's not the four-letter word I'm trying to input here.

Lately, Eryn has the tendency to add an "F" in front of some words. She will go around saying the words "Funtie" (as in auntie) and "Funcle" (as in uncle). I'm not sure how fun this is cos I do worried whether her speech has changed to be more complicated. And then there's the "Fupstairs (for upstairs), "Fouuside" (for outside) and "Fie" (for I).

And she will also drag the "F" a little longer like "Fffffuntie" or "Fffffuncle".

For a girl her age, her communication skills is quite advance. So, I do wonder whether she's getting too advance until her words are now all jumbled up. When I correct her, she will say them correctly, but there are times, those "F" just can't seem to get away...

When we ask her what her what is her name? She used to say, "Jing Jong Jing" but now she knows how to say it correctly, i,.e. Lim Shu Jynn. When she thinks it's funny, she'll go back and say "Jing Jong Jing" again and starts laughing. I thought that was cheeky... but not the "Funtie" and "Funcle"..


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