Thursday, June 15, 2006


Oh my, Brendan can't really seem to pronounce his "r". Check this out :

Daddy : Brendan, how to you say rrrrrab-bit
Brendan : Brrrrrrr........ Wabbit!
Daddy : What about Brrrrrrrrrrren-dan?
Brendan : Brrrrr..........Band-den!!
Daddy : How about ae-rrrrrro-plane?
Brendan : Brrrrr........ Aewooplane...
Eryn : Brrrrrrr.... Brrrrrrrr.......

On a separate issue, I'm surprised at the no. of syllables that Eryn can input to her list of "Pronouncable" words at one year old. Brendan could only manage sign languages when he was one and a few monosyllables....

Quite recently, Brendan was playing with an empty bottle and making lots of noise with the bottle by banging it on the floor. After a while, Eryn shoke her head and said, "Noooo.....Pe-Cah!"

She's been nodding her head and say "Yes", shaking her head and say "No" or "Can-not" and her latest word to her vocab "Ma..... ma.... ma.... ma...." Problem is, we don't know if she's calling me or calling Ah-Mah (her paternal grandma).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eryn's birthday party

We celebrated Eryn's first birthday 3 days after her actual birthday. We had a small celebration at a Pizza restaurant in USJ with a room all by ourselves. I think the kids who came had tons of fun especially after the dinner. For Brendan, he was so engrossed into playing instead of eating.

For some of the children, it was a party weekend as the day before, we attended little Qiqi's 2nd birthday.

After our relatives and some of our friends left, the REAL party began. It was more of a balloon party than anything else after the dinner. Spaces were made to cater to the kids to play and run about.

Eryn had her fair share of all the fun despite being only one year old. She couldn't stop running here and there. My gal has grown.....

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Eryn turns one!

Eryn turns one today!

For the past few weeks, I've been keeping this in mind - that my gal will be one soon... This morning, she woke me up with smiles and gurgles and with stories to tell. I actually forgot about this special day until I received a phone call from my mum a few minutes later, wishing Eryn Happy Birthday! Gosh..... my memory is failing me.

2 nights ago, she discovered how to climb up the sofa and get down again. I didn't actually noticed it. Eryn was playing beside me while I was reading the newspaper. Suddenly, my maid asked "Eehh?! Macam mana Eryn naik atas sofa?" I was so engrossed in my papers that I didn't even noticed that she has climbed onto the sofa! I looked at her and she was smiling, happy that she's learnt another new found "skill"! She then slowly and carefully got down from the sofa and smiled again. Then, it all began. She climbed up, she came down, she climbed up, she came down, etc... And she's been doing it for the past 2 days.....

We won't be going anything much today as we are having a small celebration this coming Sunday.

Mummy wish you, Eryn, a HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! *kisses* & *hugs*


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