Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Termites Infestation

When I came back to KL after my maternity leave, I saw a huge termite mount under one of my bookshelf. They happily destroyed some of my books and the parquet floors. Hubby treated it, and the affected area and we thought everything was ok until one night I heard some light tapping sound at one corner when I got up to breastfeed my daughter.

I went on all fours and tried to figure out if it was actually the electrical wires sparking. Nope. Put my ears on the floor and... AND.... aarrrgghhhhhh! I knew instantly that it must be termites under those parquet floor. My mind was not at ease and I couldn't sleep the whole night, creeping on all fours trying to see which other areas were affected. Woke hubby up to tell him and he just said "ok, just don't disturb it. I'll look into it tomorrow". Well, there I was, lying wide awake. I'm the kind of person who must put my mind at ease over a problem like this. Well, I managed to sleep after a while but woke up early and starting checking up the big heavy solid wood wardrobe in my room. I had a feeling that it has to be more than one area being affected. True enough.. there were termites under the wardrobe by the signs of the mud trails. Hubby treated the wardrobe while I tap tap here and there to see if there's more. Yup! There were indeed more. Infact, I found three new parquet areas affected.

Hubby made some calls, got some quotations and within 2 days, hubby treated ALL the areas again, got a contractor to remove the parquets, bought some tiles and got the contractor to replace the parquet with tiles, more treatment again while I moved my kids, my mum and my maid to an aunt's place temporarily due to health concerns over the chemical treatment and the dust emitted.

Everything and everyone was kelam-kabut. Hubby had to go for a biz trip to Hong Kong in-between and I had to do a lot of shuttling here and there, transporting stuffs up and down. The apartment was like a garage. Well, I think a garage is tidier than the apartment. It was full of dust everywhere.

We'll be moving back this Sat. after staying for almost 2 weeks at my aunt's place. There be lots of cleaning to do and our apartment is now cleared. We've filed out complaints to the management who is now looking into getting a pest control team to treat the whole area.

During this time, I managed to read up on the species of white ants and the treatment available. Some pesticides are so toxic that it has been banned in other countries. There's so much options available, from drilling, powder, baits, etc.....I found out that Sentricon proved to be the best. We did the normal treatment using chemical, but am hoping that the management will get to the root of the problem using the Sentricon system.

I don't know whether it's me or what, but I seem to be seeing a lot of pest control vans on the road lately. Eeshhh..... termites! Thinking of it makes my bulu roma stands!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

AdBall 2005

Just came back from Adball. This year's theme was "Studio 54" , themed after the legendary famous nightclub in New York in the 1970's It was literally the home of the rich and famous. It was held at its usual place, Shangri-La Hotel. Upon reaching there, I was swarmed with tons of people in Afro hairdos, plastic-framed shades, bell-bottoms, platform shoes and other retro fashions, with glittery neon lights.

AdBall is an annual function organised by MAA (Malaysian Advertisers Association) and being in the media line, you get to see lots of sporting people attending the dinner function.

Anyway, my colleagues and I were there. I think I've reached the stage of getting older coz' my party mood wasn't really there. It was a fun night though.

My colleagues and I came dressed up. One of my colleagues was dressed in an Elvis suit, one in Austin Powers, my CFO came as Dr. Evil, my boss in some retro hairdo. I chose a short white bobwig, with big shades, shiny top and a bell-bottom pants.

It was quite a fun night, but I think I've reached the stage of getting old coz' my party mood wasn't really there. I left earlier while my colleagues boogey the night away.


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