Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Meh

It's chap goh meh (the 15th day of the chinese lunar year) and it happens to be a holiday! Wow, another year has passed and I shudder to think that age is actually catching up slowly, but surely.

I'm no longer that energetic person I used to be, going here and there and visiting here and there. I'd rather stay home and just take it easy. Actually, I attended the Selangor open house for the first time in my life at Sunway two days ago, not even knowing what I went there for. I was taken in by my aunt who told me to take my mum and kids to see some lion dance performance. The lion dance troupe were superb but the crowd was madness.

I remember CNY the way it used to be when I was little. My grandparents house were in the middle of some kampung, surrounded by lots and lots of trees and neighbours were far apart. My grandma and aunts would slaughter dozens of chicken and ducks and prepare a grand feast. We were always so excited on the first and second day of CNY, waking up early, shower and dress in our new and beautiful clothes that my mum would make for us.

Most of my 13 aunts and uncles would turn up at my grandparents' place. We kids will have a hell of a time, running around the kampung like we always do. Firecrackers were aplenty. We also observed the traditional CNY stuffs like not sweeping on the first few days of CNY, not washing our hair on the first day, and eating what we call CNY food which actually bore meanings.

Those were the days....

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Full bloom

After coming back from hubby's hometown, we came back to KL for a few hours before we headed back to my hometown on the third day.

The biggest surprise that greeted me was the plant that I almosted wanted to throw away for a long, long time. The flower bloomed and was swaying from side to side, as though, waving its petals to say a little "Hi!" to me!

Oh, this is definitely a good sign of great things to come...

Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 - year of the Golden Ox

I hear the sound of firecrackers from afar. But there's not many of it and it seems pretty quiet this year compared to the past year.

This year, we left for KB on Friday night 9pm, stopped for an hour plus at a petrol station near Gua Musang and proceed back to hubby's hometown. We arrived there at around 6am!! I hate the long journey there. Oh boy... CNY in KB is very different - the mood is not really there, maybe the chinese celebrate it in their own way, the Kelantanese style, and food is basically Kelantanese food. Well, not the typical chinese celebration but more of the Kelantanese style. The migration of chinese from China to this part of the world has definitely changed their mindset and lifestyle, even weddings are different! At least for me.....

We headed back to Kluang on the 3rd day of CNY, i.e. on Wednesday. That's always the most wonderful part of CNY where we get to embrace the full chinese new year atmosphere. Food was aplenty, and my dad will cook up a storm of dishes. Prawns, hainanese chicken, mixed vegs, fish, noodles, sea cucumber, spring roll and more are a must every CNY. All home-cooked and yummy..

It was a great time of get -together once again. We had a gathering in an aunt's house. Out of the 13 aunts and uncles and 41 cousins plus around 20 grand-cousins, only a quarter of us were there, but that was enough to bring up the mood and environment.

The kids had fever in KB caused by viral infection, followed by cough and flu. Brendan even vomitted a few times. There's lack of water there and I suspect that the water there is very unhygienic. Overall, they enjoyed their trip - the eating, the playing, the dancing and more..
I'm just hoping that this Ox year will be one that will wade through the rocky waves and comes out bullish in the coming years...

Family gathering - part of my mum's family

Brendan and Eryn with my good friends' kids. Brendan and Keysha are born 2 months apart. Eryn and Chloe are born 2 months apart as well.

Brendan & Eryn playing with some of my cousins' kids

The kids buckled up in their seat belts with their poh-poh behind.


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