Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eryn wearing mummy's old dress

My mum will clean and rearrange her cupboard once in a while and 4 months back, while cleaning the cupboard, she took out 2 cute little dresses that was once worn by me more than 30 years ago. My mum kept a lot of our baby clothes, and she has sewn many lovely dresses for me and my sis, but somehow most of it disappeared, or got stolen, when she left it at my grandma's place.

Here's Eryn in one of my baby dress - photo taken about 4 months back when Eryn was 16.5 months.

This is when I wore it many many moons back!

Here's another one of Eryn wearing my dress.

My late grandparents' house

In one of my trip back to my hometown last year, I took my mum and kids to my late maternal grandparents' house just to 'see-see-look-look'.

The house brought back lots of memories and was very nostalgic especially to my mum. This was where my grandparents brought up 13 children. At that time, it was the only big wooden house in the middle of nowhere. There were trees and vegies everywhere - rambutan, durian, papaya, coconut, ciku, pineapple, lime, lemon, even rubber trees and those red biji saga trees (not sure what it's called in English) and many kinds of animals and insects - very filial dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, 2 geese, cobras, pythons, huge biawaks (they feast on the chickens), big fat buzzing bumble bees, monkeys, owls, squirrels, etc.. We love the rambutan season cos the grandma has one particular rambutan tree with seedless rambutans and another with yellow rambutans. In fact, all the rambutan trees (and the papaya trees) bore sweet fruits.

My grandparents were from Hainan. Their marriage were arranged. My mum said that grandpa was a very handsome man and many families tried to match-make their daughters to my grandpa, but my grandpa had eyes only on my grandma. They were married at a very tender young age and grandpa left for Malaysia and set up his own bread factory in Kluang (now taken over by my uncles). Grandma later came to Malaysia and together they settled down in this little town.

It was during the Japanese occupation and things were rough. I used to hear stories of Gurkhas in town and how the Japanese imposed a curfew to avoid any mishaps.

Cooking were done in another section of the land, in a custom-made kitchen as big as the hall in my apartment, using firewood and charcoals over a big wok as big as a tractor's wheel! Ya, grandma and aunts had to cook for the factory workers as well.

There's around 43 grandchildren (or more) and about 12 great-grandchildren now. I am the 10th grandchild and we, the older grandchildren share some fond memories of our childhood at my grandparents' house. We loved playing there, sometimes climbing the mango and rambutan trees, or go searching for "bao fu" (spiders), or simply walk along the big, huge longkang looking for fishes and tadpoles... We played lots of our
childhood games here - galah panjang, hide-and-seek, police & thief, etc....

Sometimes, we go under the house, digging to see if we can find some old coins. I used to keep some odd-shaped coins and some with a hole in the middle but have misplaced them. We didn't know how valuable such coins would become.

It's sad seeing the place in ruins now...

Friday, February 23, 2007


Actual post dated 30th Oct. 2006

Oh, gosh! Eryn just loves raisins. She'll ask for raisins in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. The moment she spots the Sunmaid raisins on top of the shelf, she'll ask and ask and ask until she get her raisins shot.

She'll happily munch her raisins on her own and the satisfaction on her face shows it all.

Despite it being sugar-free and preservative free, I'm wondering if it's actually safe for consumption on a daily basis.

Munch munch munch

Actual post dated 23rd Oct. 2006
Eryn loves munching and she’s always asking for food to much, despite being so small-sized. She doesn’t really have a big appetite and doesn’t eat a lot but she just loves munching. Every hour or so, she’ll ask for biscuits or bread and for bites whenever we have our meals at the moment. She’ll munch on grapes, raisins (one of her favourite), pear, apple, prune, carrot, etc.

Hmm….. maybe because she’s born in the year of the goat….

Piano Duets

Actual Post dated 20th Oct. 2006

One pretending to be Beethoven, one pretending to be Mozart? All I know is there love banging and banging and banging on the piano.

Ahem! Mummy here is a good pianist and they’re trying to take after mummy, I guess. For now, I just have to bear with the “lovely” tunes that come under their little, fat, fingers…..


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