Friday, December 28, 2007

3D Art

Brendan got this lovely gift from Jeriel - a 3D paper art puppy which he kept asking me to fix for him.

After making a promise that I'll fix it for him, I finally got down to fix it and it was so extremely difficult to do it due to the folding of the lines and glueing some of the parts together.

I was getting quite agitated cos I was supposed to meet a friend but ended cancelling the appointment after spending about 2 hours just to fix this little puppy for him.

Brendan treasures this little paper puppy so much that he insists that I put it high on top of the shelf to avoid spoiling it in case it is left lying around.

Seeing that he was happy with the results, I too was glad that my one-to-one time with him was very much well-spent.

Christmas outing

This Christmas season, we spent most of our time at home. We only took the kids out on Christmas eve to see the lights and decoration in Sunway Pyramid. It was just so tiring for us everyday to think about taking them out until we decided that we should at least give the kids a small treat by taking them out for a little while... :P

Christmas day was basically food, food and more food. We went to one of my childhood friend's open house whom I've not seen for almost ten years in Klang and it was a pleasant visit to her. We went for another open house at night to hubby's ex-colleague's house.

This Christmas, I just wanted a nice quiet time at home with the kids and this year, this meant something special to me cos we are spending time together in our brand new home.

Travelling again...

Gosh, am I tired..... It's been a travelling month these two months.. Two weekends ago, we went down south for my brother's open house. We had to go down earlier to help prepare all the food... well, actually it was my parents who cooked all the food. We started the trip one night before, arriving at 4am in the morning. Our eyes were like Panda and all I wished for was a total quiet peaceful sleep, which of course, I didn't get. Sigh!

With so many guests, especially from Singapore, that weekend was so tiring that we we practically giving up on doing any more travelling.

My brother got his first Christmas tree and the kids simply love playing around the tree! Anyway, with the food, presents and holidays, the kids are just so energetic that I get tired just looking at them! haha

Unfortunately, last weekend, we went down south again and this time, the trip back to KL was extremely bad.... It took us 6 hours instead of the normal 3 1/2 hours to KL. We had a stop for dinner in Seremban though due to the jam and by the time we reached home it's midnight.

I'm glad that this weekend, it's gonna staying at home after those weekly travelling. Aah.... the feeling of 'home sweet home'....

Sis' wedding

My one and only little sister finally got married... and she's no longer a baby to us anymore. Though it seems like yesterday that she was just a little girl, she has now grown up to be an adult and someone else's wife...

The wedding dinner in our hometown was on the first weekend in November. She was simply stunning in her gown and it brought back memories of the days when we were still young.. We share bedtime stories, clothes and were the best of friends until we both moved on to study and work in two different places - me in KL and my sis in Penang.

Her actual church wedding took place one week after that, in Sitiawan where her husband's hometown is. It was a simple and lovely wedding - a love so pure, so powerful and most importantly, filled with so much joy and happiness and I feel so touched by their relationship.

The food was unusual and simply delicious. There were ready plastic bags for us to tapao. Each table cost less than RM300 but the serving was like for 2 tables. We estimated that should the food be served in KL, the table would not cost anything less than RM600.

Brendan and Eryn could only admire their auntie and kept asking why Auntie Mei Chin looks so pretty. Eryn could only say.. Auntie Mei Chin is a princess...

My mum took the effort to cut out the hem from her nicely kept lacy wedding gown and converted it into a nice beautiful long sleeved gown for Eryn who just wouldn't want to remove the dress after wearing it. She also cut out the hems from another lacy blouse and converted it into a nice pretty dress for Eryn.


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