Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harvynna's birthday

The kids went to a birthday a Gymboree about 2-3 weeks back. It's their first birthday party at Gymboree and also their first time at Gymboree.

It was something out of the norm as all the chidlren had so much fun playing and laughing away.
Harvynna was a really pretty girl. She is really tall for her age. With lovely locks and a sweet face, she'll definitely attract lots of attention when she grows up some day.

Our kids have grown up so fast. As I look back at a photo when Brendan and Harvynna were together, they were just tiny little tots - Brendan in his napkin and Harvynna in her diapers, playing alongside together, but no words of communication at all. Eryn was just a little baby then.

Time flies...

Friday, April 11, 2008

ang mo slang.

The other day, Brendan's teacher told me something which really made me laughed.

She said that Brendan's chinese pronounciation got an ang mo slang. There are times when she wants to laugh in class but has to control it so as not to embarass Brendan and also the fact that she's teaching in the class.

Brendan's speak Mandarin quite fluently though we rarely speak Mandarin at home. Eryn hasn't start preschool yet, but she and Brendan can communicate with each other in Mandarin pretty well.

It's pretty wierd where Brendan gets his ang mo slang from cos my side of the family speaks Mandarin without the slang.

Anyway, the teacher has long controlled her laughter and when she relayed the story to me, we both exploded into laughter.

We later heard Brendan saying good bye to his teacher, "Lao3 shi1, Zhai4 Zhuan4" (if you understand han yi pin yin, notice the pronounciation for zhai4 zhuan4). Gosh, why does he has to roll his tongue to make it more complicating... hahaha

Friday, April 4, 2008

Little mousey gone

Further to my earlier mouse story, I do wonder where the mouse has gone to. The last I saw it, it was hiding behind one of the pails in the downstairs bathroom. I quickly locked the bathroom doors and didn't open the doors for 2 days, waiting for DH to come back to catch it as he was outstation.

When DH came back and opened the door, the mouse is nowhere to be found! One of my friend mentioned that it could have climbed out of the window, which was actually locked. He also said that it could have the tendency to swim through sewerage, so I'm wondering whether it took a swim down the toilet bowl into the world of shits out there.

I noticed that the mouse could have gnawed at the rubber piece at the bottom of one of the door. Still, I wouldn't think that it's possible for it to squeeze through the very tiny hole, which again, my friend mentioned that it could actually flatten its body to go through tiny holes. Eeww....

It's totally gone.

I found out that burnt sotong makes good bait to catch mice. Something I learnt while experiencing the little mousey situation at home.

Single Daddy

I had dinner today with one of my ex-colleague, Sam (name has been changed to protect his privacy).

I've known Sam for about 8 years now I think. We used to work together and were quite happy in the old environment where everyone truly work hand-in-hand as one feel good family.

I didn't know that Sam is already in his mid 40s as he looks like he is only in his mid 30s. He is a very nice and humble malay guy, ever so patient and always so accomodating. He is also a single father.

Now, this is a very unique case cos I've never come across anyone such as Sam cos he is not married, neither is he the real father of the 2 children that he's caring and staying with in his apartment. Sam adopted 2 son, age 3.5 years old and age 10 months.

The eldest son came from a family in extreme proverty and was thus given up for adoption since he was a baby. He even looks very much like Sam. His friends and relatives have commented that the close bond between them has somehow have created that psychological perception that they are biological father and son.

His second son came about when a young uni. student from UITM got herself pregnant. The girl's boyfriend dumped her when her tummy started to show at 3 months. One month later, she missed classes and eventually dropped out of class. Her friend is a relative of Sam and told Sam about her case. Sam took the interest to adopt the unwanted baby and even took the young girl in to stay with an aunt during her pregnancy until she delivered. In her 3rd week, she went back to her kampung and began life anew, lying to her family that she decided not to continue with her studies. None of her family members know about her delivery at all.

Sam made arrangement for adoption and took in this very beautiful and charming baby boy as his own son. He has large round eyes, a sharp chin and a very beautiful smile. Apparently, the baby's mother has the look of an actress model and the baby has inherited her beautiful looks.

Sam is unlike most fathers and even mothers that I know. He personally care for them, feed them, change them, and does everything single thing a mother does. He single-handedly manage both children after work and juggle between work and home like a supermom, literally leaving his bachelorhood overnight. Come to think of it, I don't think I can be as good as Sam.

His devotion and unconditional love for his 2 adopted sons should win him the award for the father of the year and no doubt passing the mark as the superdaddy-mummy hero.

As I drove back home after the dinner, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be put in circumstances which test my patience, love and devotion to my own children.

Today, I am glad I actually made the right move to move out of my comfort zone, leaving a wonderful job to focus on other priorities in life, to build a new business for a future that I desire, to move on with life despite having other people asking why do I leave a career for something that is not so stable.

I may look back and cherish my past career but I have no regrets choosing the unknown path. The journey may not be easy, the road may not be tarred, but as I walk further down the dusty road, I see little flowers starting to bloom and a rainbow at the end of the road...

I cried hearing Sam's struggle as a single parent, his struggle with work stress that had recently taken a toll on his life, his feelings and emotions and I believe, deep down, a wholesome family life that only time can tell.

Sam, you showed me little things in motherhood which I've sometimes taken for granted and I'm glad that you gave me the motivation and inspiration during dinner last night.

Thank you, Sam!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smelly Ant

The kids have always been fascinated with the little ants in our house.

Brendan has his scientific term for the different kind of ants - Red Ants bite people. Black ants are nice ants cos they don't bite. Flying ants can fly but you don't hit it because it may be a bee. Smelly ants you don't touch because afterwards your hand chao-chao.

I personally hate those 'smelly ants' cos they really smell when I try to take the cloth to wipe them away. If Brendan is nearby, he'll go "Aaahhhh!!! Smelly ant! Chao-Chao!!"

hahaha..... I'd better go get ant bait before we all faint with the terrific smell!

Made in China

There's so many complaints about China goods and tainted food products that makes people shy away from them.

One of my friend, Veron, experienced this with one Made In China soft toy that her kids were playing with. One day, she noticed her two primary school going daughters were having some sort of sore on their heads. She wasn't sure what was the cause of it. She cleaned her daughters room, washed the bedsheets, sun their mattresses and toys and all but the sore just wouldn't go away.

Out of the blue, she kept the soft toy away and started noticing that the sores were no longer there. It didn't occur then that the sores were due to the sensitivity of the chemical reaction from the soft toy's fur.

The soft toy was out again and this time, it slept with her youngest child, a 2 years old boy. Her son developed bad sores and reaction on his nose and some part of his face. Again, my friend did some checking and found that the cute cuddly soft toy was the cause of it.

Imagine, the many children out there who would have developed these symptoms and their parents might not even know that the itchiness and sores come from the harmless looking cuddly soft toys that they children are holding.

It's so scary to think that there could be unknown cases which can't be detected.

My kids' toys are so far so good. Some of them are Made In China too. I guess we'll just have to be careful and keep our eyes open for any reaction to our children's skin and health.


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