Friday, April 11, 2008

ang mo slang.

The other day, Brendan's teacher told me something which really made me laughed.

She said that Brendan's chinese pronounciation got an ang mo slang. There are times when she wants to laugh in class but has to control it so as not to embarass Brendan and also the fact that she's teaching in the class.

Brendan's speak Mandarin quite fluently though we rarely speak Mandarin at home. Eryn hasn't start preschool yet, but she and Brendan can communicate with each other in Mandarin pretty well.

It's pretty wierd where Brendan gets his ang mo slang from cos my side of the family speaks Mandarin without the slang.

Anyway, the teacher has long controlled her laughter and when she relayed the story to me, we both exploded into laughter.

We later heard Brendan saying good bye to his teacher, "Lao3 shi1, Zhai4 Zhuan4" (if you understand han yi pin yin, notice the pronounciation for zhai4 zhuan4). Gosh, why does he has to roll his tongue to make it more complicating... hahaha


Anonymous said...

he did it juz for fun :)

Anonymous said...

how about linguist therapist!! =)

Baby Smooches said...

He's not fluent in Mandarin but he does try very hard cos I overheard him conversing in Mandarin with some of his friends. When he comes to the words he doesn't know, he'll just stay still and start thinking before mixing some English into it.


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