Friday, April 4, 2008

Little mousey gone

Further to my earlier mouse story, I do wonder where the mouse has gone to. The last I saw it, it was hiding behind one of the pails in the downstairs bathroom. I quickly locked the bathroom doors and didn't open the doors for 2 days, waiting for DH to come back to catch it as he was outstation.

When DH came back and opened the door, the mouse is nowhere to be found! One of my friend mentioned that it could have climbed out of the window, which was actually locked. He also said that it could have the tendency to swim through sewerage, so I'm wondering whether it took a swim down the toilet bowl into the world of shits out there.

I noticed that the mouse could have gnawed at the rubber piece at the bottom of one of the door. Still, I wouldn't think that it's possible for it to squeeze through the very tiny hole, which again, my friend mentioned that it could actually flatten its body to go through tiny holes. Eeww....

It's totally gone.

I found out that burnt sotong makes good bait to catch mice. Something I learnt while experiencing the little mousey situation at home.

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