Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harvynna's birthday

The kids went to a birthday a Gymboree about 2-3 weeks back. It's their first birthday party at Gymboree and also their first time at Gymboree.

It was something out of the norm as all the chidlren had so much fun playing and laughing away.
Harvynna was a really pretty girl. She is really tall for her age. With lovely locks and a sweet face, she'll definitely attract lots of attention when she grows up some day.

Our kids have grown up so fast. As I look back at a photo when Brendan and Harvynna were together, they were just tiny little tots - Brendan in his napkin and Harvynna in her diapers, playing alongside together, but no words of communication at all. Eryn was just a little baby then.

Time flies...


harvynna said...

hey, thats a nice picture of us!
Thanks for coming and i have to pass you the gymboree pass!!

Baby Smooches said...

thanks for inviting :-) The kids had fun.. I should have put a photo of us together 13 years ago and make the comparison.

chanelwong said...

aiya....i miss meeting both of you ....


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