Monday, April 26, 2010


Eryn received a pair of pink butterfly 'wings' and  wand from Auntie Rina and was extremely excited over it! She wore it for almost the whole day for the past few days, pretending to be a fairy.

I had wanted to try to DIY it myself but was just too lazy to get it done. I guess my wish came true! hehehe... At least I don't have to make it now.

Eryn pretended to fly and dance around in her wings and taking her wand to create imaginary magic tales. It was so much fun just watching her dance and flutter around like a little butterfly.

Such a pretty and happy sight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

shhhh... the dolls are sleeping

I've been noticed some strange things for the past few months, and decided to take some pics cos I find it quite amusing each time I see different 'styles'.

I'm actually referring to how Eryn places her dolls to sleep. Most of the time, when I want to sit on the sofa to watch tv after the kids have gone to sleep, I'll notice some pillows stacked up on each other. On a closer look, this is something that I see :

Yup, that's how Eryn 'covers' her barbie doll to sleep. This barbie doll was a hand-me-down from hubby's friend. Initially, I thought nothing about it until I keep seeing it happening each time I sit down to watch TV. In this photo, the barbie doll is sandwiched between two pillows in one corner of the sofa. Sometimes, it will be squeezed with 3 to 4 pillows. Sometimes, it's just a cloth.

Well, here's another scenario to another doll of hers :

Yup, you see it right. It's the same pillow covering the above doll which I bought when she was a little toddler. This time, treating it like a blanket. It's also on the sofa.

Here's another one of her doll, also a hand-me-down from hubby's friend. This one below is a little special cos' it sleeps in a little rattan basket, fitting it nicely. No blanket though.

Just 10 minutes ago, I saw another wierd position for her barbie doll on my working table! This is getting really wierd. It's placed on my table, with a used A4 paper as a blanket.

I'm wondering where and what it'll be next.


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