Monday, April 26, 2010


Eryn received a pair of pink butterfly 'wings' and  wand from Auntie Rina and was extremely excited over it! She wore it for almost the whole day for the past few days, pretending to be a fairy.

I had wanted to try to DIY it myself but was just too lazy to get it done. I guess my wish came true! hehehe... At least I don't have to make it now.

Eryn pretended to fly and dance around in her wings and taking her wand to create imaginary magic tales. It was so much fun just watching her dance and flutter around like a little butterfly.

Such a pretty and happy sight.


chanelwong said...

she looks sooo cute n adorable....

"Fairy Eryn dancing her beautiful fairy dance....."

michelle@mybabybay said...

Very beautiful wings. Girls, they always like pretty things.

Alice Law said...

Very sweet indeed... I would think it's a good on stage costume! Have a nice day!


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