Friday, May 23, 2008

Eryn and her yoga poses

I've noticed Eryn doing some exercises and poses which looks like some yoga pose. She'll be showing off her stretching and posing in front of us whenever we sit down and watch TV.

I believe it's the "influence" or should I say, copy-catting her nanny at the nanny's place. Eryn does it so well, having no problem bending backwards, in a u-shape with her hands and legs behind her, or stretching her body out to touch her toes! I tried doing that and almost hurt my back! haha..

I took the opportunity to take some pics of her when she tried showing it off again.

"Lei, on de lei, on de lei...."

When the kids and I went back to my parents' place recently, my dad taught Brendan to sing a verse from "The Lonely Goatherd", a well-known song sung by Julie Andrews in the movie, The Sound of Music.

If you know the first two lines of the song, it goes like this :

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay-ee odle lay-ee odle lay hee hoo

The first time I heard him sing it I couldn't stop laughing...

I tried correcting Brendan but he keeps insisting to sing it his way! Boy, oh boy!!
so stubborn, but it's so funny..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day weekend

My sis and I decided to make a last minute trip back to our hometown last weekend. My sis took a flight to KL and from there I fetched her from the airport and proceeded to drive back to my parents' place with the two kids.

It was a weekend of catching up and lots of chatting and eating!

It was also the same day as my sis-in-law's birthday and also my mum's birthday 2 days later. So, my brother made us all a tray of original authentic Italian home-made tiramisu. My brother can bake very well - chocolate cake, blueberry cake, bread, etc...

He was sent to Italy to work for a year before and from there, he got to know an Italian colleague who taught him to make tiramisu. He made it without any rum or alcohol since the kids are eating as well. Brendan simply loved it, calling it an ice-cream cake!

Unfortunately, my brother last made in 10 years ago, and didn't fold the ingredients properly, causing it to collapse a little. It still taste nice though. It is advisable that the original Italian marcapone be used to have a better texture and flavour.

Then, my dad made 4 dishes of homemade otak-otak, using fresh ikan merah with all-natural ingredients and spices. It was simply yummy. Mum cooked us 3 different type of soups over the weekend and made us her special yam cake which we all ate to our hearts' fulfilment! She bought back some papayas which my sis said were "super-sweet". The tree was only as high as Brendan but the papayas were abundant and very, very sweet.

Gosh, I feel like going back again for more home-cooked food! Didn't even get to eat the botak curry me and the beef noodle. sigh!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tag : Of the 2

I got a tag, from Sue. Just like her, I haven't been doing tags for a while, so will start doing this again. This one is way, way over due by 6 months! *grin*

Two names I go by :
1. Sharon
2. Mei Lin

Two things I am wearing now :
1. Clothings-lah
2. Hair clip

Two things I want (or have) in a relationship :
1. Appreciation - thanks for appreciating me, but I think I can make do with more, dear..
2. Romance - more it if as well :-D

Two things I like to do :
1. Lepak?
2. Shopping?

Two things I did last night :
1. Met up with Anthony Mitchell from Australia.
2. Had dinner at 9:30pm with one mummy, Liz Wong.

Two things I ate today :
1. Bread with butter and jam for breakfast
2. Butted fish with garlic rice and coleslow for lunch

Two people I last talked to :
1. Shereen Wong, over the phone, asking for help on a previous project I did
2. Hubby

Two things I am doing tomorrow :
1. Attend my weekly BNI meet at 7am
2. Making some phone calls to set appointments for next week.

Two favourite days of the week :
1. Saturday
2. Sunday

Two favourite holidays :
1. Chinese New Year
2. Christmas season

Two favourite beverages :
1. Coffee. I'm a die-hard coffee fan
2. Fruit juice

Two things about ME, things you may never have known :
1. I play the piano extremely well
2. I enjoy being alone sometimes, despite giving the impression that I always around people.

Two jobs I have had in my life :
1. Assistant Manager in a broadcasting TV station for 8 years
2. Head of Airtime sales.

Two movies I would watch over and over :
> Why would I want to watch a movie over and over?

Two places I have lived:
1. My hometown somewhere in Johor
2. Bandar Sunway

Two of my favourite foods :
1. Thai -tomyam, kerabu,
2. Japanese - sushi, sashimi, shabu-shabu

Two places I would rather be right now :
1. in my hometown, eating and eating and eating
2. in a spa, having a good massage

Since this is an overdue post, I'm not tagging anyone :-)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grocery shopping??

Imagine this - it's raining, you have lots of groceries to buy, the kids are cranky, the queue is long and it's running late. What do you do?

We were on a recent trip to a hypermarket when the kids started to whine and throw a tantrum. We decided to just get only a little bit of what we wanted on the long list of things to buy, and proceeded to queue up with whatever little things we have in our trolley.

"Zzzzzzz", the kids were sleeping already, what can we do but to move out quickly to get home and when we are home, their eyes were opened wide!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


A few days ago, while we were having dinner at home, Brendan suddenly blurted out about his friend's daddy who has just "gone to heaven".

Brendan : My friend, ................. (name protected)'s daddy just gone to heaven.
(daddy and mummy was shocked stared at each other)
Mummy : Heaven? Why do you say that Brendan?
Brendan : Because my friend's daddy died and that's why after he dies, he goes to heaven?
Daddy : Why did your friend's daddy die?
Brendan : I dunno (his favourite sentence). He just died and cannot wake up anymore, so he went to heaven.

Hmm....... food for thought....

Friday, May 2, 2008


One day, when I took Brendan back from school, the teacher told me something really amusing.

The topic for that day was "Occupation". The teacher asked Brendan whether he would like to be a doctor when he grows up, so that she could go and visit Brendan and she is old and sick. Brendan immediately answered, that he doesn't want to be a doctor. "Why?" his teacher asked.

"I want to be an engineer like Uncle Kim Leong", says Brendan.

Now, daddy is also an engineer, but he'd rather be an engineer like Uncle Kim Leong (my brother) than like his daddy! How comforting that is to daddy! haha.

Brendan's teacher then asked him, "What is your mummy's occupation?"

Brendan replied, "My mummy is a boss".

Gosh, he was the talk among the teachers with that innocent reply.

Seriously, I do not know where he get that from. Hmm.....


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