Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tag : Of the 2

I got a tag, from Sue. Just like her, I haven't been doing tags for a while, so will start doing this again. This one is way, way over due by 6 months! *grin*

Two names I go by :
1. Sharon
2. Mei Lin

Two things I am wearing now :
1. Clothings-lah
2. Hair clip

Two things I want (or have) in a relationship :
1. Appreciation - thanks for appreciating me, but I think I can make do with more, dear..
2. Romance - more it if as well :-D

Two things I like to do :
1. Lepak?
2. Shopping?

Two things I did last night :
1. Met up with Anthony Mitchell from Australia.
2. Had dinner at 9:30pm with one mummy, Liz Wong.

Two things I ate today :
1. Bread with butter and jam for breakfast
2. Butted fish with garlic rice and coleslow for lunch

Two people I last talked to :
1. Shereen Wong, over the phone, asking for help on a previous project I did
2. Hubby

Two things I am doing tomorrow :
1. Attend my weekly BNI meet at 7am
2. Making some phone calls to set appointments for next week.

Two favourite days of the week :
1. Saturday
2. Sunday

Two favourite holidays :
1. Chinese New Year
2. Christmas season

Two favourite beverages :
1. Coffee. I'm a die-hard coffee fan
2. Fruit juice

Two things about ME, things you may never have known :
1. I play the piano extremely well
2. I enjoy being alone sometimes, despite giving the impression that I always around people.

Two jobs I have had in my life :
1. Assistant Manager in a broadcasting TV station for 8 years
2. Head of Airtime sales.

Two movies I would watch over and over :
> Why would I want to watch a movie over and over?

Two places I have lived:
1. My hometown somewhere in Johor
2. Bandar Sunway

Two of my favourite foods :
1. Thai -tomyam, kerabu,
2. Japanese - sushi, sashimi, shabu-shabu

Two places I would rather be right now :
1. in my hometown, eating and eating and eating
2. in a spa, having a good massage

Since this is an overdue post, I'm not tagging anyone :-)

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