Friday, March 31, 2006


I almost had a big heart attack yesterday.

Last night, my maid said that she wanted to buy a RM11++ jeans from Tesco. She saw that in the Tesco brochure and told my mum that yesterday was the last offer day. So, after dinner, I took her, the two kids and my mum to Tesco, doing some grocery shopping at the same time. After almost one hour of shopping, I queued up waiting to pay at the far end of the cashier counter. I then turned to where my mum & the kids were and asked, using our own sign language, “Where is Brendan?”

My mum looked around her & showed the “not here” sign. I thought she was joking until I realized that Brendan was missing! We walked up and down the aisle and I even peeped under a nearby table covered with cloth and Brendan was nowhere to be found. I didn’t dare to venture far from where I was incase Brendan was playing hide-&-seek.

My maid, carrying my little gal, quickly ran to the market and vege section cos Brendan likes seeing the fruits and veggies and fishes. My mum quickly walked around here & there and finally when down the escalator to the car park to find him. Everyone was staring at us. I finally went to ask the Guard at the exit of Tesco if he has seen a little boy of my given description. He said he didn’t see him and request that I made an announcement via the P.A. Reluctantly, I went to the Information counter.

My mind was racing. My heart was beating fast. My pulse irregular. At first, I was pretty calm, but the calmness turned to panic when time passes by.

This is SOOO unlike Brendan. He is not the type who would usually wander away, though he has the habit of slowly taking his own sweet time walking behind us and stopping to see the things around him. He dislikes strangers too and any strangers who carries him will throw him into a fit of tears!

So, I was keeping my ears opened for any crying children and any announcement of a missing boy.

Back at the Information counter, I was hoping to see a little boy crying, but I didn’t.. I called my hubby in Germany to inform him that our son is missing.

THEN….. at the far end corner, totally away from where we were standing, was a little boy who looks like Brendan. It was indeed Brendan! He was squatting near the toys section, near the entrance of Tesco, observing some dunno-what-toys, definitely unaware of what was happening.

BRENDAN!!” He turned and looked at me. “Why are you here, Brendan?! Why did you walked away from mummy? Don’t do that to mummy anymore ok?” He stared at me with blurry eyes and kept very quiet.

I was crying and laughing simultaneously, oblivious to the stares from those around me.

I proceeded to carry Brendan to where I left my trolley and put him in there while I make the payment. After a while, my maid and mum turned, with faces all pale but was relieved to see my smiling face. My mum gave Brendan a HUGE BIG scolding to the amusement of the cashier and the people queueing up behind us.

THAT one particular incident gave me one big hit in the head.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

How's my car?

My hubby is not the type who will buy gifts on special occasions. Nor is he the type who will call every single night to check on us whenever he’s outstation.

He’s now in Germany for a 3 weeks’ training. And he only calls once a week, if not every few days. Sometime last week he called, and the conversation went like this :

Hubby : Hello! How’s everything at home?
Me : Fine. ….. blah blah blah
Hubby ; How’s my car?
Me : What?! Your car?
Hubby : hehehe… I dreamt that my car got stolen last night.
Me : Oooo….. so you’re only calling to ask about your car …. Useless……
Hubby : No lah, but scared my car get stolen mah……

See? This kind of chinaman hubby also got wan….

Friday, March 24, 2006

Setting goals

I've set goals in my life... Empty goals, to be exact.

In school, I didn't really set goals to reach a certain no. of As or Credits, or passes.....
Upon graduation, I didn't really set goals to what I want to do in my career life....
When I got married, I didn't set goals as to when I want to start a family until baby came....

BUT, when I became a mother, I set lots of goals. Some met. Some not. One of which is to breastfeed Brendan until he reaches 6 months. I did, but not 100% cos by 4 months I had to supplement with formula. I pumped, travelled every Friday night from KL to Johor by LRT, then by bus, carrying a cooler box FULL of frozen breastmilk just to let my dear son get his breastmilk. I did that every weekend. It takes between 4 hours to 6 hours max. to get home to Brendan who was with my mum at that time. Even after I stopped breastfeeding, my weekly journey continued up to the time I was 8 months pregnant with no. 2.

By the time no. 2 came, I set a goal to breastfeed Eryn 100% until 6 months. I did. Then I set it even further - to breastfeed Eryn until she's1 year old. Eryn is almost 10 months now and she is still 100% on breastmilk and haven't started on formula yet.

That's really funny. Imagine your priority and sacrifice as a mother. To think I wouldn't really care less about setting goals and meeting them. For the first time in my life, I'm proud to say that I set it, despite all the obstacles, and I did it! How? I did it MY WAY...


What's with all these fever nowadays? No, it's not the football fever I'm talking about.

Last Sunday, Brendan was feeling extremely lethargic and was lying on the mat the whole day. His body was a little hot when he woke up. He didn't have the appetite to eat. In the afternoon, his fever shot up real high. We gave him the fever medicine and the next day, his fever has gone down a little. I then noticed lots of little ulcers on his mouth and scary thoughts ran through my mind. HFM disease first came to my mind and I asked some friends who had gone through the HFM experience with their children and nieces and nephews on what to do and stuffs like that.

Brendan's symptoms were a little different. Prior to the fever, he had lots of rough red spots on his body for more than a week. We knew it was heatiness, cos he's gotten that before. The spots spreaded to his neck and by the time it reached his forehead on Sunday, he immediately had a fever and the spots almost disappeared by itself. To make things worst, I too had small ulcer on my mouth. Then my maid had it too. Gila kah?! What kind of an endemic is this, I wondered.

On Tuesday, Eryn pulak had mild fever. But she was very much ok the next day. Then, I hear of many children around my area having fever and ulcers and body aches. I mean, many.... not one, not two or three... but many! Last night I heard that my cousin in Johor is also having fever and body aches. This morning, my sis called to say she had fever yesterday.

So, this fever here fever there is really making me wonder what kind of virus is this? It's not HFM.... It's not bird flu.... It's not football fever.... What then? Scary......

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog Sweet Blog

Home Sweet Home.... Work Sweet Work...... Blog Sweet Blog..... Yup, that's right! You know what I meant.

"Hey, what happen to your blog? Died a natural death ar?"
"Why haven't you update your blog?"
"Long time no see, no hear, no touch your blog..."

I know... I've been away for quite a while. I've lost touch with the blogging world. In fact, I miss updating my blog. I've just started work in a new place quite recently. Into my first week at work, I've already gotten busy working. Really! And got my first sales within the first week too! Really!

Lots have happened since I left my old workplace... sob! sob! Life has to carry on and I have to take the step to move forward instead of keeping my mind stagnant. It's like you're a river and this river leads out to the big ocean. If the river is filled with dirty water caused by blocked rubbish, you get nowhere. In order to be out in the ocean, someone gotta rid those rubbish to the ocean out there. So, this river got cleared and is now flowing into the ocean. Mind you, it's not still and clear waters out there... There's the bigger picture you have to look at when you're out at the ocean. It's quite scary and exciting at the same time.

Look at it this way - It's hard to be a radarless boat seeking direction. So, you have to have the instinct, some form knowledge as where to head and some guidance from circumstances around you.... guidance from the wind, from the sunrise and sunset, the compass, and most importantly, from above...


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