Friday, September 25, 2009

naked fella next door

Oh boy! Our backdoor neighbour is undergoing some renovation and there's some contractor worker staying there at night. And this fella always walk around the house naked, except for his underwear. And there's no curtain over the windows.

What's he up to, I wonder.. He'll walk around like superman, drinking water while standing IN HIS UNDERWEAR, walk around IN HIS UNDERWEAR, scratching his crotch while IN HIS UNDERWEAR... aiyo

I'll always ask hubby to quickly come and stand with me when I'm washing dishes in case he sees me and thinks that I'm watching him. So susah payah have to close curtain now..


Damn it!! It's so disgusting. Disgusting!! Must grab my camera next time and record it down.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Concert 2009

It's Brendan's and Eryn's very first concert and it was such a wonderful feeling having to attend my own two kids' performance 2 weekends ago.

Brendan was in a Mexican dance and he has grown from a very shy boy to a boy that is willing to dance in front of the crowd. Though his movements were a little stiff, he did give his very best and it was such a wonder how he has changed over two years.

Eryn, on the other hand, seems to be the 'leader' of the dance group, ever so talkative and so confident in her dance. She loves to dance and her body movement is just so natural. I'm considering sending her for a dance class - probably hip hop or modern dance. Ballets would be too rigid for her. hmm....


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