Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fireman BBQ Steamboat

As mentioned in my previous post, we had a lovely dinner at the Fireman BBQ Steamboat buffet restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong last night. We were there with some friends and all together, there were 5 adults, 2 teenage kids and my two little kids. They calculated that as 7 adults and 2 "babies" (for billing purposes).

I have to say that we really enjoy the food and the company of friends there for 2.5 hours. The offerings are not that much compared to the steamboat buffets in Sunway, but last night's meal was so worth it. The charcoal grilled lamb shoulder steak and cockles ("sea hum") grilled by their staffs were very nice. We ordered plates after plates of the grilled lamb and cockles. We found the grilled beef steak to be a little too dry though.

One of our favourite have to be the freshly sliced beef that we have. It taste good after dipping it in the soup. And our favourite drink has to be their famous Fireman herbal drink which taste like sugarcane with bits of lotus root and water chessnut. It was so good we ordered three jugs of it after our initial rounds of fruit juices.

They're having a promotion until the end of this month at buy one free one. So, for a total of 7 adults, we were charged for only 4 adults. Another friend couldn't make it, and that's just too bad. Would have been more worth it if we had another adult in our group. Our two "babies" ate for free. The food came up to RM119.60 only for 7 adults and 2 children. The normal price per pax is priced at RM29.90++ (unlimited orders for the grilled lamb shoulder steak, beef steak, grilled cockels, sliced raw beef and everything else except drinks). And for the amount of lamb, yummy beef (the raw one for the soup and not the ready-grilled one) and food that we had, it was definitely well worth it.. The company of friends certainly made it more fun. The drinks we ordered came up to RM70!! That's a whooping figure.

Our little kids didn't eat much - just a few bites here and there and they're full. However, they managed to wallop 4 scoops of ice-creams each. sigh!

Here's some photos taken to whet your appetite :-) Photos are not that clear cos it was taken with my handphone.

Their location : No 28, Jln Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri . Call for reservations : 03-80510889.

Our first round. We had numerous rounds, probably a dozen or more? hehe..

grilled beef pepper stick. Nice, but a tad too dry. The grilled lamb was delicious though, but forgot to take the picture (too busy eating). We ordered a dozen plates of the lamb steak I think.

Grilled "sea hum" (cockles), with accompanying peanut and chilly sauce. I've not had my full hepatitis jab, so I didn't dare to eat too much of this. But the first 2-3 rounds of plates we ordered had big cockles. The next few batches had smaller cockles.

Now, this is good! The Fireman famous own concocted herbal drink, which taste like sugarcane with bits of lotus root and water chessnut. Refreshing and nice.

The freshly sliced beef which we loved. Taste really nice after "cooking" it in soup. The soup taste very sweet and nice after that.

Just some of the unlimited supply of food available. Shown above here is some fresh prawns.

What I like about this place here is that their chicken wing never seem to run out, unlike most steamboat buffet restaurants that we've visited.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brendan turns 7 today.

When I gave Brendan his birthday present last night, I saw my last 7 years flashed by just like that. It  will never fail to amaze me each time I look back to the day I first become a mother.

Brendan had wanted a Wii but we are still quite reluctant to get it. Well, at least not for his birthday present. I told Brendan that we'll get the Wii one day but not for his birthday. Then he said, "Mummy, if you can't afford to get me the Wii, just get me some stationaries will do and oh, take me out kai-kai too. You can save the money first."

Awww.... Brendan is always so considerate when it comes to buying things, especially expensive stuffs. So, I got him some Ben 10 stationaries and a new Super Yoyo to replace the spoilt one I bought for him two months back.

I also ordered a cake from the kids' ex-nanny, who stays nearby. I wasn't particular on any design or taste and gave her the free hand to do a simple one for Brendan. She is a good cook and a good baker (she bakes lovely cookies and home-made mooncake to sell as well). We were surprised when she baked Brendan a cute cake instead. It has three little teddies on it. She has recently taken interest in fondant decoration and she said that this was her first time making a 3D cake. She actually gave us the cake for free as a gift for Brendan. That was so sweet of her..

We celebrated the night at the newly opened Fireman BBQ steamboat buffet restaurant in Bandar Puteri with some of hubby's close friends. Will blog about this place later.

Happy 7th Birthday, Brendan!

A cute cake given by a friend. Brendan's name was wrongly spelt with an "E" instead of an "A"  but it didn't really matter for the special effort taken to make the cake and the fun and love that came with it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tons and tons of homework

Lately, Brendan has been having a lot of homework and I noticed that this normally happens a few weeks before any school exam were to start. His last semester exam will be starting next week. Thus, I'm not surprised at the many homework he brought back home..

He normally tries to finish his homework in school in-between classes while waiting for the teacher, but there are times, the workload is extremely heavy! I really wonder why kind of education system is the government instilling into the kids. I mean, he's only in standard one! Hmm.. maybe I'm too laid back cos I remember not doing much homework in my primary school days.

Do I have a choice? Unfortunately, I don't really have one as private school is not within my means, and this is the only school I feel is more suitable for Brendan. Besides, he's coping quite well and doing quite well in his studies as well. In fact, he even enjoy doing his homework! sigh!

He used to have difficulty doing his homework when he first started primary school. Now, he doesn't need any guidance as he's used to it and would normally finish his homework before he reaches home. If he can't finish them in school, he will proceed to take out all his homework books the moment he reaches home and will want to finish them as fast as possible way before dinner and showering.

I have to always remind him that dinner and shower should come first before homework, but he's so engrossed in his homework until I have to start nagging at him to leave his homework and do it later. I'll tell him that it is ok to continue it the next morning if he can't finish.

What about your kids? Are they heavily laden with homework too?

Brendan does enjoy doing his homework. Wierd..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playing dress-up with cardboard doll

When I was younger, my main entertainment at home would be playing the piano, painting, drawing, playing board games and cycling whenever my mum permits. I seldom watch television and or listen to the radio. So, I'll find ways to entertain myself during the school holidays or the weekends.

One of my favourite game would be to draw my own cardboard dolls, and create various outfits for my little cardboard doll. I would then play dress-up with my sister using the cut-out cardboard dresses, bags and even hats.

I made one set for Eryn almost 2 years back but the doll and dresses very quickly torn up as she was only 2+ old at that time. So, recently, I got some old recycled cardboard boxes to draw a doll with accompanying clothes for her to play. Cheap, entertaining and she loves it! Now, she's asking for more dresses to mix and match.

Cardboard doll and dresses for Eryn

Just some of the samples

Eryn playing with with her cardboard doll set.


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