Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brendan turns 7 today.

When I gave Brendan his birthday present last night, I saw my last 7 years flashed by just like that. It  will never fail to amaze me each time I look back to the day I first become a mother.

Brendan had wanted a Wii but we are still quite reluctant to get it. Well, at least not for his birthday present. I told Brendan that we'll get the Wii one day but not for his birthday. Then he said, "Mummy, if you can't afford to get me the Wii, just get me some stationaries will do and oh, take me out kai-kai too. You can save the money first."

Awww.... Brendan is always so considerate when it comes to buying things, especially expensive stuffs. So, I got him some Ben 10 stationaries and a new Super Yoyo to replace the spoilt one I bought for him two months back.

I also ordered a cake from the kids' ex-nanny, who stays nearby. I wasn't particular on any design or taste and gave her the free hand to do a simple one for Brendan. She is a good cook and a good baker (she bakes lovely cookies and home-made mooncake to sell as well). We were surprised when she baked Brendan a cute cake instead. It has three little teddies on it. She has recently taken interest in fondant decoration and she said that this was her first time making a 3D cake. She actually gave us the cake for free as a gift for Brendan. That was so sweet of her..

We celebrated the night at the newly opened Fireman BBQ steamboat buffet restaurant in Bandar Puteri with some of hubby's close friends. Will blog about this place later.

Happy 7th Birthday, Brendan!

A cute cake given by a friend. Brendan's name was wrongly spelt with an "E" instead of an "A"  but it didn't really matter for the special effort taken to make the cake and the fun and love that came with it.


twin said...

the cake looked so good especially when its her first time baking. very very nice. happy birthday to brendan!! wow another one sharing the same birthday with darien who just turned 6. :)

jazzmint said...

happy birthday Brendan!!

Babysmooches said...

Twin, Happy belated birthday to Darien as well. I've known of two other friends apart from Darien who shares the same birthdate :-)
Thank you too, Auntie Jazz..

Anggie's Journal said...

happy 7th birthday Brendan!!

chanelwong said...

Blessed Birthday to Brendan....

Mummy to QiQi said...

Brendan has a very beautiful cake:)


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