Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Though I was a sports girl in school, I've somehow succumbed to my laziness, and yet I complain of not having any energy and gaining weight on my butts!

Early Sunday mornings are the days where the kids will go jogging with their daddy while I choose to take my own sweet time to get up, sweep and mop the floor while waiting for the kids and daddy to be back for breakfast.

They wake up really early at around 7am+ and will go, "Daddy! Daddy! Where are you? We want to go jogging!" and then, followed by, "Wake up, lazy bug mummy. Let's go jogging!"

Below here are some snapshots of some stretching exercise they are doing at home.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Congrats to Chanel!

After lunch earlier today, we headed to visit Chanel who had an amazing fast and stress-free delivery!

After getting an sms from her, followed by a phonecall from her hubby, Othniel, some of us mummies were all getting very excited for her.

I managed to speak to her after speaking to her husband but she had to put down the phone, and it was a surprise to know that she delivered in less than an hour after checking-in to the hospital!

I'll leave the beautiful birth story to her. Upon arrival at the hospital, I was greeted by
Chanel and her family members. She looks very happy and was tucking away in her lunch. There wasn't a single thing about her that shows that she has just undergone a delivery.

Congratulations to Chanel and your family on the arrival of your little girl, baby ARIEL.

Assam laksa lunch

I had been looking forward to the assam laksa lunch for the past 2 weeks and was extremely glad to have a nice, homely, warm hospitality from Vichelle and her family and her home-made assam laksa!

Pek Imm cooked a creamy maraconi with sausage for the kids. It was a pleasant and lovely mini get-together. They practically had fun in Rachelle's playroom and seeing so many of Vichelle's husband's Marvel characters on display in the house.

Brendan and Eryn couldn't stop talking about the jie-jie, kor-kor, mei-mei, the games, the toys, Chanel's baby, etc..

Chanel was supposed to join us but I received an sms from Chanel at 12pm+ followed by a phone call from her husband, saying that Chanel was admitted to the hospital after being instructed by the doctor despite only having mild stomach cramps. Upon admission, it was found that she was already 6 cm dilated.

I jokingly told her that her much desired assam laksa meal could have cause the labour! The story and picture to be continued after this post..

Well, thanks for the lunch Vichelle! It was really nice..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Eryn's nanny is one superb cook. She bakes cookies and mooncake to sell and she loves experimenting with all sort of food.

She once made 'gui ling gao' jelly with a few pieces of longans in it and gave us four cups to take home. It actually helps to reduce body heat. It has a slight bitterness to it, but when boiled with rock sugar, the taste is quite nice and refreshing.

Brendan didn't really like the taste of it but Eryn finished the whole cup. She actually asked for more!

Reaching for the stars

This was taken in our recent outing with our overseas guests. The pictures were courtesy of Andreas Dejok, engineer from Germany, who is also into photography, sports and also is a kite enthusiast who even flew his kites in the dessert of Egypt, near the Pyramid.

Hubby once air-mailed a huge wau bulan from Kelantan which was one of it's kind in the world. This particular wau won an award from one of the wau bulan flying competition. It's now in display in
his shop.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Passion fruit

I've always loved passion fruit, especially when it's made into a glass of iced passion juice fruit.

My neighbour planted the passion fruit tree which bore so much fruit in her backyard. She gave us some of her home-planted passion fruit and they were surprisingly very sweet.

Eryn simply loves it as well as started digging into it, enjoying every single bite of it including the seeds.


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