Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Langkawi videos

Before we depart for KL from Langkawi, we spent some time by a beach near the airport. The owner of the restaurant which is located on that beach told us that Dr Mahathir and his family loves prawn-fishing there and they can catch up to 20 kilos of prawns within one hour!

The beach is not as beautiful as the other beaches in Langkawi, but the air is very breezy and the waves quite strong.

As for Brendan and Eryn, they just love running around as seen in the videos here......

Monday, May 29, 2006

Langkawi trip

We had pre-planned to go to Langkawi since January this year. However, I didn't really have the mood to go when Eryn was down with fever and Roseola.

The night before we left, her rashes subsided a lot and we headed to Langkawi on the 24th May. We rented a Wira at RM120 for the whole 3 days and stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa resort. It was a wonderful trip for the children and they loved the whole trip, right from the packing of the bags, the wait at the airport, the buggy rides at Berjaya Resort, seeing aeroplanes, boats, yatchs, monkeys, donkeys and the visit to Underwater World, Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells), the many beaches, the Hot Spring and many other smaller places. Oh, not forgetting the many places to run about, the jumping on the bed, the shower in the bathtub and many more...

Believe it or not, it was actually my first time to Langkawi (how sad....). I didn't expect much out of it but am surprised at the lovely island. I think it must be due to the presence of my children that made me enjoy my stay more than I expected.

We practically drove around the whole Island, my favourite places being the Telaga Tujuh waterfall and the beaches, esp. Datai Bay and Berjaya beach. Too bad we didn't get to reach Telaga Tujuh at the top due to some light drizzle. For batik lovers, shopping at Beras Terbakar (Field of Burnt Rice) is a must as they batik materials from Java are of good materials and are very cheap.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Eryn's first high fever

I had a scare when Eryn had high fever last week. Went to see the dr and he gave some fever medicine and an anti-inflammation medicine for her throat. Her restlessness made me lose sleep until her fever went down yesterday.

But then, the reddish spots came out. Called my mum last night to seek her opinion and she said that I should go to see the auntie staying on the ground floor of my block. Lan Jie was very helpful and I got some tips from her. In fact, I suspected that it was Roseola (or 'fake measles' in chinese). She confirmed it and gave me some tips.

To put myself at ease, I took Eryn to the dr again after work today and the dr too confirms that it was Roseola. Have to pay another RM45 just to see him the 2nd time, but I take it that I learnt something from the dr today, by differentiating between the normal measles and roseola.

On a separate issue, it's Eryn's chinese birthday today. We have a simple 'birthday game' where you lay some items in front of the birthday child for her to pick her so-called expertise. We don't really believe in it but did it out of fun.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hectic Weekend

Didn't manage to find time to post this up until now.

I actually drove down to Kluang with my kids last weekend. I was already dead-tired and was initially worried how I was going to cope over that weekend. My MIL was spending the long weekend at her eldest son’s place and my hubby was away in Penang. So, it’s just me alone with the kids plus the maid.

Thursday, 11th May 2006

My sis was due to arrive at 11:15pm at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) on thisThursday day night. I was constantly thinking whether I should leave the kids alone at home with the maid and drive to LCCT alone. I normally directly breastfeed Eryn once I get home from work. The kids usually goes to bed between 10:30pm-11:00pm and Eryn must suckle before she goes to bed, getting up occasionally for more shots in-between bedtime and before I go to work. Then, there’s the worry of Brendan disturbing his mei-mei and I really don’t think my maid can tahan with these 2 kids alone at home. I was thinking of taking Brendan alone with me so the maid can just keep on eye on Eryn, with or without direct breastfeeding.

To make things worst, my sis called to say that her flight was delayed and she would be arriving around midnight!! Gosh!! 10:30pm came and the kids are still very much active. Getting them to sleep was quite impossible that night. So, at 11:15pm, all of us went to LCCT together. While I was driving, I had to constantly raise my voice at the 2 kids at the back, happy at the thought of going kai-kai in the middle of the night. LCCT seems so much more further than the KLIA terminal.

Upon reaching there, my sis was already waiting and the kids had just fallen asleep. We reached home around 1:00am.

Friday, 12th May 2006 (Wesak day)

At 5:00am, I got up, breastfed Eryn and quickly packed some of the things in the car. By the time I finished packing, it was already 6:00am. I then carried Brendan and the maid, Eryn, who were both still sleeping to the car and headed for the early morning 3 hours drive home to Kluang together with the maid and my sis. We reached Kluang around 9:00am with the kids wide awake by then.

Everyone took a quick shower and were rushing for my brother’s ROM (registry of marriage) scheduled at 10:00am!! While we were all busy taking turns to shower, the kids were busy running here and there and playing with their granddad, screaming and laughing away…

By the time we were at the ROM, it was another long wait. This time, the kids were having tons of fun running all over the place while I was getting really dead-tired. The ROM started almost around 12:00noon. After that, we went back home and put the kids to sleep.

7:00pm – Family dinner at
Prime City Hotel , Kluang nicest and biggest hotel. Again, the kids were running around the restaurant. I really wonder where they get their energy from.

Saturday, 13th May 2006 (My mum’s birthday)

We spent our day at home. My brother got some new furnitures for his room for preparation for his wedding day. Everything’s in a mess. The air-con people came. The electrician came. It was drilling here, knocking there, cleaning everywhere and the kids!!! – running around the house again! The only time they were quiet was when they’re both asleep. Brendan and Eryn later had a good, long 4 hours nap, giving me my much needed rest. My sis and I took the opportunity to go buy a yummy Tiramisu birthday cake for my mum.

Sunday, 14th May 2006 (Mother’s Day)

Spent a nice and quiet time at home before we drive back to KL at 4:00pm. There was a jam at Seremban. So, it took us longer than usual to reach KL. We went straight to LCCT to fetch my sis there as she had to catch a flight. By the time we all got home, it was around 9:00pm.

Aaahhhh…… relieved….. zzzzzz………

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wearing shoes before turning one

I've bought a nice pair of new shoes for Eryn but old folks are telling me that I shouldn't let Eryn wear shoes before she turns one. Why? I wouldn't know. So, my mum suggested that I celebrate Eryn's chinese birthday in order to let her wear her proper pair of shoes!

I've heard of this old folk's belief, but anyone know what the reason behind this superstitious belief?

Here's more videos of Eryn, trying to grab the camera from mummy!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's in my handbag??

Kena tagged by Jess again. I have a few handbags but I normally stick to my Bonia or TODS handbag for work due to the bigger size. For shopping, I'll just take out my purse and put it in another different bag.

These are some of the items in my bag at the moment (no photos)

Handbag Bag

  • Purse
  • handphone
  • car keys
  • a small card holder (for cards that I seldom use)
  • a name card holder
  • a small little purse holding my pen (3 pens??), lipstick, some namecards (what are they doing in there?), a Carrefour receipt (haiyo, just threw it away!)
  • A Metrojaya voucher
  • Some letters
  • Thumb drive
  • Tissue paper
  • More receipts!!
  • More bits and pieces of papers!

Purse Bag

  • Credit card
  • Medical card
  • Blood type card
  • Cash and coins
  • Cards (bonuslink, MPH, Macdonalds, ATM, phone card??)
  • Stamps
  • pieces of papers and vouchers here and there

Cosmetic Bag - I don't carry a cosmetic bag except when I go travelling :

  • Foundation & face powder
  • Lipstick
  • Lipbalm
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Spectacles

You're tagged!!

  • Beatrice
  • Vichelle
  • Rachel
  • Cha Wei
  • Gene Ni
  • Eryn is turning one soon..

    My gal is turning one soon! I can't imagine where has all the day-to-day development gone to. It's like a hurricane has come and suddenly turned a little helpless catepillar into a free insect - the butterfly - fluttering here and there. Eryn is just like that. I still remember giving birth to her and how she'd struggle to crawl and turn and stand and.... now, she's walking and running and dancing and having a mind on her own

    Monday, May 8, 2006

    Brendan goes to the zoo

    It was Brendan's first trip to the zoo last Saturday. I've never been to Zoo Negara before. In fact, I've only been to a zoo once, and that was when I was in primary school. My dad took us all to the Singapore Zoo and we loved it.

    I didn't have a good impression of the zoo all these while. However, the trip 2 days back was indeed an eye-opener and I have to say that I'm very much impressed with our zoo! We were there at 10am and by the time we left, it was already past 5pm! I even told my friends that we should be there for about 2 hours only.

    It was a good educational day for Brendan and his friends, Xin-E, QiQi and 2 other bigger jie-jie and kor-kor.

    Thursday, May 4, 2006

    Walking marathon baby

    Ever since Eryn discovered her "supernatural" skills in walking, she's been walking here and there and up and down and even tried putting one leg up the sofa to climb onto it. She'll walk to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the rooms and even under the table!!

    Hubby calls her the baby who walks non-stop.

    Jumping beanies....

    One of the kids favourite past times..... jump! jump! jump!

    As Eryn doesn't know how to jump yet, she'll bend her knees and squat halfway and tries to jump with her feet stuck to the ground, wondering how in the world kor-kor jumps so high like that.

    So, we'll give her a helping hand and "guide" her in her jump.

    Wednesday, May 3, 2006

    Babysmooches in Her World

    I've just received a surprise email on BABYSMOOCHES blog being featured in the May 2006 issue of Her World's magazine. Oh, how honoured I feel.... Thanks for the highlight, Her World...

    Tuesday, May 2, 2006

    Brendan stays strong

    Brendan has always been more matured for his age.

    After sending poh-poh to the bus station yesterday, Brendan was very much quiet in the car. He didn't really ask for poh-poh nor did he made any big fuss.

    In fact, he didn't even cry for poh-poh upon reaching back home. The whole family spent a very quiet time together in the hall at home last night. We were all watching TV at one point in time when Brendan suddenly took up a big toy watch and put it up his ears.

    He went, "Hello? Hello? Poh-poh.... come home. Hello? Hello? blah..blah..blah.."

    We were all staring at each other and not wanting to create any confusion as to why poh-poh has left him, I quickly said, "Brendan calling poh-poh is it? Poh-poh now in Kluang. Poh-poh has lots of things to do in Kluang. Poh-poh sayang Brendan very much. Brendan misses poh-poh is it?"

    He turned and smiled at us and then he walked away to a corner, continuing his "conversation" over his big toy watch which he treated as a phone. He has tears in his eyes, but he stayed strong..... In fact, for the first time, well... 2nd time actually, he slept without his poh-poh beside him and this morning woke up without a fuss.

    My boy has grown...... *sob* *sob*

    Poh Poh goes back Kluang

    My mum went back to Kluang yesterday afternoon.

    As we were on our way to Puduraya, there was a terrible jam. It took us one hour just to reach Puduraya. My mum had 5 bags to carry. Her bus was to leave at 2pm and it was already 1:55pm. My hubby left us at the roadside, asking me to take 3 bags first. Brendan was in the car wailing away, wanting to come down as well. My mum carried Eryn and we (my mum, Eryn and myself) all rushed to the bus, to tell the driver to wait for a few minutes while my hubby went into the carpark to find parking. After putting the bags in the bus, I quickly pushd my way through the crowd to wait at the bottom of the staircase leading to the car park. At 2:10pm, my hubby came rushing down with the other 2 bags.

    He left Brendan in the car with our maid as there was no parking.. So I quickly grabbed the bag and once again, pushed my way through the mad crowd. The bus was about to leave when I reached it. I said a quick bye to my mum, carried Eryn, and quickly walked back up the stairs, again, pushing through the crazy crowd with Eryn tight in my arms and crying with all the strangers around us pushing here and there. I was hoping to drive out of the place a.s.a.p. to let Brendan catch a glimpse of my mum at the bus station exit.

    Upon reaching the exit, the bus was already right in front of us. I was crying away, missing my mum already, but more so because Brendan didn't get to kiss and say his goodbyes to my mum - Brendan's precious poh-poh whom he has slept with for the past 30 months.

    Hubby made a crazy rush to chase after the bus. We did caught up with it, but couldn't see inside the bus. We then headed home, with my eyes all red and Brendan blurry about what is happening.

    It pains my heart to think of the wonderful times Brendan shared with his poh-poh and the wonderful job my mum did in helping us out with the kids. I couldn't help but felt guilty of not taking Brendan down instead of Eryn.

    I think I'll probably take the effort to drive back home in 2 weekend's time to spend mother's day with my mum and the children..


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