Friday, February 24, 2006

My last day at work

I have just came back from a good farewell lunch with some of my soon to-be-ex-colleagues.

People say that I've been having quite a cheerful outlook these past 2 weeks. And why not? I certainly have a light load lifted off my back. No more thinking about the dog-eat-dog world, at least for a while.... I've even managed to spend some good quality time at home with my kids as well.

My last day was supposed to be one week ago, but I have a few things to clear and till today, I have some good ol' clients calling me to ask for help and preferring me to stay on to service them.

I said that I'll still continue servicing them in my next job and that we should give the younger personnel a chance to learn. Most of my close colleagues know that I'm going while some newer ones either come and wish you the best and all those stuffs and some just wouldn't give a damn. Well, it sort of opened my eyes to see who are the ones who really wants me to go, I think.

Since the vss more than 2 months back, I actually forged closer friendships with some colleagues who actually got the vss. During the REAL working world, we didn't really have a chance to sit down and get to know each other personally. Some have become good friends.

We have always been one BIG happy family during our working times together until the "split". Unfortunately (haha, ya, that's unfortunately), I am one of those many who didn't get the vss. The company is good, but people are giving me an opportunity outside of this world. Despite the bosses urging me to stay, I thought over it and am taking the risk to go for another job.

I have mixed feelings. I haven't been sleeping well since I threw in my resignation letter. I've turned down many offers as well, wondering if I have made the right choice. Day in, day out, I listed down the pros and cons, the whys, when, what, etc.....

Then.........This may sound funny. I asked for two signs last week - signs to show whether I should go or stay. Believe it or not, on that day itself, I saw not two signs, but THREE! So, how wierd and eerie can that be?!

To my ex-colleagues (you know who you are)... thanks for the guide and wonderful years we've spent together as colleagues. The tons of laughters and sorrows we had, the ups and downs, the beautiful 'stress' and most of all your treasured friendships.

To my newer ex-colleagues (you know who you are too).. thanks for your new friendships. I've told some of you that you have BIG potential. So, go for it. You are the few ones who made a point to open your hearts out to me :-)

Someone said I should make sure I should not cry. Well, I didn't. In fact, I walked out with great confidence and a big smile on my face...

Like I said, our path will definitely cross again. Keep in touch.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's true how people say that baby girls develop faster than baby boys.

Eryn turned over faster than Brendan. She sits, stand, crawls and 'talk' faster than Brendan.

She has been moving around from one place to another using her backside. No kidding! She sits and drags her butt on the floor. That was when she was around 6 months old. Now, at 8 months, she's trying to crawl by stretching her legs out, put her butts up, sometimes shaking it a little and then sit back and crawl. It's so funny seeing her. Speaking of butt-shaking, she even knows how to shake her butt from left to right while standing up to the lion dance drum beat during the CNY period.

Last night, I thought I should capture her "early crawling moments" so I can look back at the videos when I'm old one day. Mana tahu, of all days, she actually fell flat on her face and started howling loudly!

Poor girl......

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Brendan's first visit to the funfair

My boy has always been a shy and timid boy in front of people. At home, we can be naughty and manja.

I took him to the funfair last week and was expecting the same clingy litthe boy, quiet and shy once we're there. He was quite daring and could tell me stories in the car like "mummy and brendan go to funfair"; "got big wheel that go wownd and wownd (round and round)"; got big big cars...... Well, I don't know how he knows all that - must be the influence of the TV.

I bought the tickets and asked if he would like to try this or that and he nodded his head. He first tried the car ride which he really enjoyed. He sat in one of the car all alone, together with another bigger kor-kor at the front of the car. I was expecting him to cry and was prepared to carry him out anytime. The ride was quite a long one and he sat happily throughout. No bad, I thought. So, I proceeded to buy another ticket for him to ride in one of those kiddy rides.

Feeling much confident that he won't be crying or screaming, I carried him to one UFO plane and took a photo of him with him happily smiling away. He suddenly stood up and the whole thing jerk, starting to move! Brendan had a shock and started crying. Gosh! I was panic and was wondering how to stop the thing cos he was desperately trying to get down.

The guy in-charge of it was very rude and immediately grabbed Brendan out and put him down hard!! Overall, he loved watching and seeing the bright lights and rides, otherwise, he's still the quiet, timid boy he'll be outside of home.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Big boy's toys

The first thing I hear when I stepped into the house after coming back from my long CNY hol was this :

"Eh, I have just bought a remote controlled car" my hubby said with a wide... big.... smile on his face.....

Well, oh well..... I know he's been eyeing at those remote control cars and how he went to to say that they cost so much more cheaper than Malaysia. During one of his recent business trip to Hong Kong, he saw one interesting one which costs 4 times less than what they're selling over here in Malaysia.

Brendan has a second hand remote control car which was given by daddy's friend. It all started when my friend's hubby had a good chat with him on those remote control toys. We took Brendan to see remote control airplanes in one empty field once. Then those two men went on to talk about self-assembling, management of the machines, blah blah blah.....

In that BIG empty field of men and tons and tons of petrol-filled airplanes, those MEN were brought back to childhood. It's kinda funny to see a bunch men playing toys like a bunch of small boys.

Anyway, back to the remote control car. I asked hubby how much it was. "RM1,700 ONLY".

"What?!" Deep down in my heart, this kiamsiap hubby of mine actually spent RM1,700 on that toy?! I don't know whether to laugh, smile or cry.......

I says it's for Brendan but I think it's more for him than for anyone else.... sigh!

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


For the first time up close, I manage to stand for a long time to watch a teeny weeny spider eating its meal. The victim - the unfortunate housefly.

A grasshopper's meal

Gosh! Can't believe the numbers of grasshoppers at my parent's place! Our lovely kaffir lime tree has lots of new visitors this CNY. They can be seen sun-bathing in the sun, eating those yummy leaves and they're an awesome sight actually.

The kaffir lime on the tree is really big and beautiful. Lots of people tried to get the 'anak' from us but theirs don't seem to go that nice actually. Hmm... must be those grasshoppers I think.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Round orange balls?

When you're 8 months old and have tons of mandarin oranges around you, what would you do?

For Eryn, she was sooo amazed at all the round round orangy balls that she picked them up one by one, examining them head and tail, upside down and even tried throwing it into the air!

While her brother is crazy over mandarin oranges, smiling cutely whenever someone in the house is eating it, Eryn stare and try to grab it just to play with it.....

Back to work after CNY

There's always a feeling of being lazy to go to work after such a long break. Coming back to work reminds me that THIS is the real world! I'm already looking forward to another long holiday......

This year's happiness during the CNY break is doubled cos I share the added happiness which comes from my two lovely kids. I don't think Eryn knows what all the visiting, noises, eating and fireworks are all about but she sure enjoys herself everywhere we go! Brendan, on the other hand, loves those mandarin oranges and soft drink which we rarely give to him.

The smiles.... the warmth..... the joy....... I'm blessed with so much wealth this year.... Intangible wealth only a mother can understand and experience....

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Here's wishing everyone a very blessed Gong Hee Fatt Choy!

I've been so tied up at work that I've no time for myself anymore, whatmore checking personal emails, catching up with e-friends and doing one of my favourite stuffs - blogging. Seems like a looong time that I've been away from here.

I'm back home in my homey hometown with my two kids at my parents place. Well, we didn't go back to my hubby's hometown this year as I was down with a bad case of flu and the long journey would wear me and the kids down. So, it's a real refresher for me here, away form work, away from the jam, away from the daily routine......

Gosh, I'm really wondering how the jam would be like once I travel back to KL. To come back to my hometown, we had to travel in two cars! No joke! Never know we have so much things to bring here and there. With two kids, you can never expect how full your car can be.

I've been eating and eating and munching and munching. Brendan too has been eating all day long. Oh boy, am feeling a little lazy nowadays after all the feasting and merry-making.

Anyway, back to some work now. Gotta feed my little gal....

Here's wishing everyone a good doggy year ahead...


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