Tuesday, February 7, 2006

A grasshopper's meal

Gosh! Can't believe the numbers of grasshoppers at my parent's place! Our lovely kaffir lime tree has lots of new visitors this CNY. They can be seen sun-bathing in the sun, eating those yummy leaves and they're an awesome sight actually.

The kaffir lime on the tree is really big and beautiful. Lots of people tried to get the 'anak' from us but theirs don't seem to go that nice actually. Hmm... must be those grasshoppers I think.


Egghead said...

maybe is a good luck grasshopeer!

Tracy said...

Must be the grasshoppers' droppings which helped in the growth of the lime, kekeke. Droppings from grasshoppers??? *wondering*

Zara's Mama said...

I very scared of grasshopper... you are not?

Maybe like what Tracy said.. their droppings or urine maybe make your tree fat fat. :P


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