Thursday, February 9, 2006

Brendan's first visit to the funfair

My boy has always been a shy and timid boy in front of people. At home, we can be naughty and manja.

I took him to the funfair last week and was expecting the same clingy litthe boy, quiet and shy once we're there. He was quite daring and could tell me stories in the car like "mummy and brendan go to funfair"; "got big wheel that go wownd and wownd (round and round)"; got big big cars...... Well, I don't know how he knows all that - must be the influence of the TV.

I bought the tickets and asked if he would like to try this or that and he nodded his head. He first tried the car ride which he really enjoyed. He sat in one of the car all alone, together with another bigger kor-kor at the front of the car. I was expecting him to cry and was prepared to carry him out anytime. The ride was quite a long one and he sat happily throughout. No bad, I thought. So, I proceeded to buy another ticket for him to ride in one of those kiddy rides.

Feeling much confident that he won't be crying or screaming, I carried him to one UFO plane and took a photo of him with him happily smiling away. He suddenly stood up and the whole thing jerk, starting to move! Brendan had a shock and started crying. Gosh! I was panic and was wondering how to stop the thing cos he was desperately trying to get down.

The guy in-charge of it was very rude and immediately grabbed Brendan out and put him down hard!! Overall, he loved watching and seeing the bright lights and rides, otherwise, he's still the quiet, timid boy he'll be outside of home.


Egghead said...

yeap... my boy loves those rides at Genting too!

Baby Smooches said...

egghead, I think put them all together and they can play all day and night!

HMom said...

looks like fun! This sort of outing are always so exciting for kids. Hey, one day we must take our kids together.

Baby Smooches said...

hmom, ya we can organise one fun fair trip some day. Let's try putting HArvynna and Brendan together. hehehe

Zara's Mama said...

Aah.. funfair is nice huh.. but I just hate the smell of the generator running.

where was this funfair?

Twin said...

my kids love kiddy rides too. Its really nice to see that they're happy.

Baby Smooches said...

zara's mama, luckily I didn't get to smell or see any of the generators. The funfair was back in my hometown during the CNY hols. It was extremely packed.

twin, my little boy and little gal likes riding horse on her daddy's tummy!


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