Thursday, February 2, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Here's wishing everyone a very blessed Gong Hee Fatt Choy!

I've been so tied up at work that I've no time for myself anymore, whatmore checking personal emails, catching up with e-friends and doing one of my favourite stuffs - blogging. Seems like a looong time that I've been away from here.

I'm back home in my homey hometown with my two kids at my parents place. Well, we didn't go back to my hubby's hometown this year as I was down with a bad case of flu and the long journey would wear me and the kids down. So, it's a real refresher for me here, away form work, away from the jam, away from the daily routine......

Gosh, I'm really wondering how the jam would be like once I travel back to KL. To come back to my hometown, we had to travel in two cars! No joke! Never know we have so much things to bring here and there. With two kids, you can never expect how full your car can be.

I've been eating and eating and munching and munching. Brendan too has been eating all day long. Oh boy, am feeling a little lazy nowadays after all the feasting and merry-making.

Anyway, back to some work now. Gotta feed my little gal....

Here's wishing everyone a good doggy year ahead...


mom2ashley said... need to travel in 2 cars? do you have a maid as well to bring along?

Zara's Mama said...

No photos?

2 cars? For 4 of you or 5 of you? Time to get an MPV! :P

Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

geetha said...

yeah, yeah, you need 2 cars? That much things ah?

Jesslyn said...

hey, mayb is time for you to change to MPV!!
Happy New Year to u & your family ya!

Tracy said...

U really have not been updating ur blog, really missed reading ur latest news. Do try to keep up updated, okay?

Brendan and Emily are getting 'bigger', so it's time u really need a larger car with all the 'jap pa lang' things and (ha, ha) later u need a larger house too.

Anyway, KUNG HEI FATT CHOI to and ur family!

jazzmint said...

whoa..2 cars to go back!!! time to get MPV liao ehehe

Baby Smooches said...

mom2ashley, too many things to carry, so needed 2 cars. There were 6 adults and 2 children.

zara's mama, no time for photos uploads nowadays. You're right, MPV is the answer.... need to strike lottery first. hehehe

geetha, maybe should consider a lorry hor.... hmm.....

jesslyn, Happy New Year to you too!! :-)

tracy, I'd love to blog on a regular basis but time doesn't permit! sob! sob!

jazz, looking at the things in the car also can pengsan!


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