Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas....

Tong shui supper

There's this road in Puchong Jaya which has a row of vans all lined up by the side, offering desserts and supper. It offers lots of interesting stuffs for passer-bys and we too decided to stop by for our bowl of tong shui which the kids love so much.

Brendan was more keen in the green jelly actually while Eryn went slurping spoon after spoon of the nicely boiled tong shui, filled with lots if ingredients in it.

Definitely a thirst quencher.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2kg in 2 months?

Gosh, I've put on 2kg in two months!! My pants and skirts are all getting tight. I've been eating a lot and eating late. And now that it's the holiday season, it's all about eating and eating and eating.

I participated in the BNI Treasure Hunt from KL-Penang three Friday agos and went up to Penang again two Fridays ago to visit my newborn baby niece. It was never a moment that we don't talk about food.

From the Ipoh chicken hor fun, to Penang Assam Laksa, to Bukit Tambun's seafood, it was all about eating - breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and there goes my pants. I brought up two extra short pants two Fridays ago and I couldn't even fit into it!! I ended up wearing the same pants for 3 days! Aarrggh......

Age is catching up. I'm no longer what I used to be - eating and eating and yet not putting much weight, except for the period after school when I came up to KL to study. I was an athlete in school then and was used to afternoon trainings. After coming to KL after that, I put on a lot of weight, probably due to the stop in trainings.

So, am I gonna give up eating? No, cos I can't go on a diet with gastric problems. I'll try my best to eat heathily, which I've always been doing actually. Hmm.... maybe less carbo and more greens and fruits..

Well, it's not all about eating to be exact. We do have our shopping moments, fun moments, jalan-jalan moments (ya, right! but don't know why food still comes top of the list)...

at Queensbaby Mall with kong-kong

and....................... FOOD GALORE!!

We have a new baby!!

Well, no, I'm not having a new baby. It's my little baby sis (well, she's no longer a baby now), who had just delivered her baby girl on 5th December, two Fridays ago.

It was a surprise for everyone as she had planned to travel back to our hometown in Johor from Penang. She had gone for her normal check-up in Penang that Friday morning and the doctor says there's no sign of her delivering at that moment.

She went to work and felt stomach discomfort, thinking that it could be her usual constipation problem. She proceed to go home around 3pm+ and got ready to pack her things home, with her tummy discomfort. She felt a strong pain only at around 4.30pm and called her husband home. Her hubby called the doctor and was asked to rush to the Pantai Hospital in Penang.

By then, she was already 8cm-9cm dilated. She delivered a 2.75kg baby girl within an hour.

Couldn't have imagine her delivering her baby while on the Plus Highway...

We visited her the following day and the day cleaning and mopping the house for her before she came home with the baby.

Eryn says "the baby is so cute!! Can we take it home?" *pengsan*


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