Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boyz II Men

Quite recently, I had the opportunity to meet Boyz II Men up close and personal. I loved their older albums and their songs are part of my favourite collection - A Song for Mama, End of the Road, I'll Make Love to You, On Bended Knee, One Sweet Day....

I don't have any specific favourite singer or groups and mostly go for songs that I like. I've met a few artistes and singers but meeting Boyz II Men is like a dream come true.

Open your mouth

"Show me how you laugh", I said, and the kids laughed and then freezed with their mouth open wide! They love doing this and I don't know what's so interesting about showing what's in your mouth. Hmm..... since it's quite difficult checking their teeth and tongue, maybe taking photos is a way for me to make a clear analysis on how clean their teeth and tongue are!

CNY in Kluang

Brendan and Eryn are usually in their old clothes. So, it's always nice to see them when they're dressed up quite presentable for the camera.

They seldom wear socks and wearing socks is like being so "cantik". They would proudly parade around the house and stare at the socks on their feet! But it doesn't last long cos the heat would make their feet all sweaty and uncomfortable and they would asked it to be taken out.


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