Monday, July 9, 2007

"What happened?"

I was on my notebook while DH was reading newspaper and watching the TV. 2 years old Eryn was sitting in the hall, playing with her toys and flipping through her storybooks.

ntv7 was showing the LIVE EARTH concert and Sarah Brightman was on stage singing a song, in a very high opera voice.. Suddenly, Eryn stopped doing her stuffs and asked, "What happened?"

Here goes the conversation :

Eryn : What happened?
DH : What happened what?
Eryn : What happened to Auntie?
Me : starts laughing
Eryn : What is Auntie doing? with a 'what's going on' look on her face.
DH : Auntie is singing lor..
Eryn : Terrible.
DH : Terrible??
Eryn : Terrible hor...

Hahahaha.. that was so funny....


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