Friday, September 30, 2005

"mandi kerbau"

Brendan saw mummy entering room.
Brendan follows.
Mummy's not in the room. Mummy's in the bathroom.
Brendan goes : Eh? Mama? (softly)
Mummy : (silent)
Brendan, knocking on bathroom door : Mama? (softly)
Mummy : (silent still)
Brendan : Mama? Mama?! (louder)
Mummy : (silent than ever)
Brendan : MAMA?! MA MEE?! MA MEEEEEEE!!!!
Mummy : Yes, Brendan? Mummy's in the toilet. Mummy wants to pom-pom (shower)
(Brendan takes a stool to the bathroom door and opens it).
Brendan : Mama? (softly again) pom-pom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
(Brendan closes door and runs off happily....)

Milestones : girls vs boys

People always say that baby girls develop faster than baby boys. They tend to walk earlier. They learn to talk earlier and they mature earlier.

Now that I have a boy and a gal of my own, I can indeed see the difference. Incidental or not, I really wouldn't know.

Eryn will be exactly 4 months old tomorrow. This morning, while I was getting ready for work, I heard a huffing and puffing sound from my gal. I turned and saw that she had overturned herself from her back to her tummy! She was struggling to put her hands properly under her so she can push herself up. wow! I think Brendan only did that at almost 6 months old. Eryn also started gurgling and babbling at 2 months. Brendan was very late, in fact, he's not even speaking in sentences yet.

Eryn already know how to find her way to put her thumb into her mouth at around 3 months while Brendan did it much later, after exploring all his fingers and fists before getting to his thumb.

Bottomline : Kids grow up so fast nowadays....

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Childhood Games

Once, I was sitting down watching Brendan playing with some older kids (well, he was trying to mix in with the older boys but I don't think they even know he exists. Brendan always prefer older children) when I heard laughters and screams from another group of children, playing catching. This brought me back to my childhood memories.

The game of catch or Police & Thief as what my cousins and I called it (in mandarin) used to be one of our main games whenever we were at my grandparent's house. My grandparents used to stay in a huge wooden kampung house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ample space and lots of trees. My cousins and I had a fun time running around the whole house playing that. This used to be one crazy game coz the 'police' will try to catch all the 'thieves' to be brought back to the jailhouse, which is drawn as a circle on the sand. The 'thieves' can only be released when they are tagged by another thief.

One of my all-time favourite is Belon-Acah (also known as galah panjang) which I used to play with my cousins on weekends and in school on weekdays. Everyday before school starts, my schoolmates and I will divide outselves into two groups to play this game. As a school sprint runner, I always managed to sprint my way through the square boxes. We'll play till we're all sweaty and when the school bell rings, everyone will line-up to enter our own respective classes with sweaty and flushed faces and wet uniforms.

For a not so hyper-game, we will choose to play guli (marbles), kite or the chicken feather game. On rainy weekends, we opted for Batu Seremban or bottle caps.

We normally play guli by digging holes in the sand (my grandparent's house are full of sandy area) with the intention of hitting our gulis with other gulis and subsequently into a hole.

For the kite and chicken feather game, we'll find old newspaper, kayu lidis, strings, chicken feathers, rubber pieces (to stuck the chicken feathers) and make our own kites and chicken feather item. It's kind of a surprise that our kites can sometimes fly up so high in the sky. The chicken feather game (don't know what it's really called) requires us to use the side of our feet to hit the item straight up in the air as many times as possible and not letting it drop down to the ground. The person who can do it the most times win the game.

Batu Seremban and the bottle caps are my favourites as well. I normally play these games with my female cousins. We will hand-sew pieces clothes and fill it with some red seeds (it comes from one type of tree) collected at my grandparent's house. Alternatively, we filled it with sand. This is one game which I'll definitely play with my gal when she's bigger. {Ivy, we should keep this game going.. :)}

Come CNY, we always keep those undented bottle caps to play. Each game requires 5 caps to play.

Some other games we played are congkak, rubber band throwing (using rubberband to "top" on another rubberband to gain more rubber bands), "bao-fu" (spiders which we catch from pandan leaves), one-legged catch, hide-and-seek and other stuffs like climbing rambutan and playing house on the mango tree. There's also another game which I can't remember the name where we draw boxes on the sand, and we throw a stone to one of the boxes and we jump on one leg into each individual boxes.

Speaking of rubber bands, I love the game of Zero Thousand (or Zero Point) where we'll use rubber bands and tie them up into a long rubber rope. We are to cross and jump over the rubber band rope which is held by two persons. The initial stage of the game starts from the ground and then the rope will be raised to the ankle, knee, buttocks, waist, chest, shoulder, ear and finally the head.

Most of these games are divided into teams and the selection of team members are via lat-talilat, tali-tamplong! (palms up or palms down), or one-two-zom! (stone/fist "kills" bird, bird "kills" paper/palms open, paper "kills" stone).

Those were the days.........

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I was at the Hytex warehouse sale yesterday. Boy! Those nice and pretty bajus were really cheap. I bought more than one dozen shirts for Brendan, more than one dozen dresses, tops and pants for Eryn, six for my sis, one for my mum, two for my maid, two for my maid's son, one dozen for a friend and my brother's girlfriend's SIL and two for me all at the cost of approximately RM100. That's a pretty good bargain.

I have to touch on the pathetic attitude of some of the parents there. The mad rush to grab the clothes when the workers were pouring them out were crazy. These clothes were as low as RM1, but there's no need to rush to grab it. Come on.... can die one ar if you don't manage to get those bulk of cheap clothes. These people were pushing and fighting and grabbing the clothes.

Don't care what sizes they are. Don't care what designs they are. Don't care if they behave like hooligans. As long as can get hold of it, can already. Eessshhhh.......

So, each time these happened, I'll go to the quieter corner and select the left-overs. Once the mad rush is over, I'll go over to the earlier mad place and look for more left-overs. There was this quite well-to-do and educated woman (based on the jewelleries and branded watch, shoes and clothes that she wore) who got tons and tons of beautiful clothes. I admire her for having the eyes in selecting the clothes until I realised that she's so damn self-centred. She had four basketful of clothes and then literallty booked one whole area, blocking others, and selecting the ones she wanted and dumped the rest. She was then down to two baskets. Then, again it happened. She went round picking another two baskets and again chose the nicer ones and dump the rest. And again it happened!! sigh!

There was one man who placed his son on top of the clothes. Another placed her daughter in one corner to sleep. And many others with children lingering around under the hot sun.

But I really cannot tahan when I saw this woman pushing and grabbing clothes while carrying her daughter of approximately two, or maybe three, in front of her. Her daughter was pressed and was screaming and crying in pain. She wouldn't give a damn and I was so pissed off I walked towards her, gave her a stare and told her off "Eh, you tak malu kah? Tengok anak you lah!! Nangis macam gila pun tak kisah! Malu lah!". I think if their child fainted also they wouldn't give a damn.

Such is the kiasu attitude of some people. Cannot get, try elsewhere lah. There are tons of clothes lying around. Why forsake your child's life for the sake of a RM1 baju?

The next time I go there, I'm going to bring my camera and take a shot at these people.

Malaysian Idol and the power of SMSes

I've always loved American Idol, but am not a follower of Malaysian Idol season 2. In fact, I've only watch 1.25 episodes of Malaysian Idol 2. 1.25 episodes because the first time I saw one of the episode of Malaysian Idol 2, I was appalled by the types of participants that were selected! My viewing lasted only for a few minutes. The 2nd time I watched Malaysian Idol 2 was when my hubby tuned in to watch the finals on TV.

I was playing with my two kids when I heard Daniel's voice. I asked dear hubby if that was one of the finalists and he said yes. Gosh! We're talking about Malaysian Idol, man! How could he ever be one of the finalist, I debated! All of us in the household (my mum, my maid, my hubby and myself) agreed that he doesn't qualify to be one of the finalists, let alone being the winner. And when Jacklyn Victor came in somewhere at the end, it was a far far cry on who is the best.

Nita can sing, but her voice can be quite unstable at certain times. She's got this habit of pursing her lips which can be quite irritating. She's tall and definitely a head-turner I would say.

It was pure entertainment for us all when both Nita and Daniel performed together. hehehehe. Quite a funny sight, one tall lady with one short guy....

Well... well... well... it was a sudden surprised when I realised that Daniel won, and winning by more than 65% of the total votes seem to be even more surprising!

Daniel mentioned something like he was chosen to be the winner because of his talents!! err...... talents? Actually, I don't really know what he's singing leh.....

He also mentioned that one parent called him up to say that he makes a good role model for the younger generation or something like that. There you have it! It's the power of the teens and the young adults that generate the SMSes for him!! These are the youngsters who have the purchasing power, the decision to decide who should win! Come to think of it, Daniel is quite charming and confident of himself. No doubt the teens will vote for him. He's probably got that "x-factor", that seasoning that will push him further.

Ha Ha Ha... the telcos are making big bucks out of all the SMSes. Ha Ha Ha... Daniel has the final laugh as well. He won, and he deserves it. You must have fans to support you, or else... down you go. So... congrats Daniel. and to you too, Nita. All the Best!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Live or Let Die?

Yesterday. I've just received news from my friend on the update of her SIL (sister-in-law). Her SIL is currently under confinement after being induced last Monday.

This is not an ordinary pregnancy, nor an ordinary delivery.

Earlier this month, my friend's SIL (let's just call her Mrs A) who was then 5 months pregnant with her first baby, was asked to go for a termination (I would prefer not to use the word abortion here). Mrs A's amniotic fluid level was very low and her doctors (experts & GH) diagnosed that the baby's kidney isn't growing propotionally with the baby's size. They indicated that should the baby be born alive, she might not be able to survive.

There were lots of debates going on among some of us mothers on the termination issue then, esp. when 5 months into the pregnancy is considered to be a late stage for termination. Many felt that the baby should be given the chance to fight out on its life, while some looked at the difficulties and problems which will happened later.

One mummy puts it as this : "I would prefer to let baby decides its own destiny... before that I would communicate with baby & let baby knows whatever happens, baby is still precious, much awaited, never forgotten. Could be therapeutic for the mum... to bond with a soul... "

Another mentioned this : "If it doesn't cause any danger to the mother's health, I would choose for baby to go in a natural way too. I personally feel that it's more painful to abort the baby - as we know they'll sometimes they tear apart the baby alive. Even though baby might have only short time to live, but it'll get mummy's and daddy's kisses, hugs and being cradle in the arms before leaving - whatever comfort we can provide. Though it's painful especially for mummy (& daddy), but with good emotional support & understanding, i think mummy also would like her baby to have the best we can give. "

One parent puts it as this : "Let's try and look at this from another perspective. Should the baby make it to full term, but with certain obvious defects/handicap, it will take a lot of effort, time, money, patience and sacrifices from the family members especially the parents, in order to help him/her in life. We have read about kids with illnesses that require special attention and long term medication and in such cases, one parent will have to quit his/her job to ferry the child to and fro. Some even exhaust all their savings and sell their property just so they can afford the high expenses involved in giving the child the best help they can find."

From the prospective of one father who wrote this : "...but wouldn't it be even more disheartening to see the baby born only to see her fails to survive due to the known outcome? Can you, as a mum, carry on with a frightening life for the next few months just to bet with the fact that she will not be able to survive soon after birth? I would go for 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinions and if all conclude the same, I would rather seek to end it sooner... "

It was later made known that Mrs A's baby was was diagnosed as having the Potter's Syndrome.

Potter's Syndrome is one of several serious or fatal kidney abnormalities. In Potter's (or Potter) syndrome the baby's kidneys do not develop in the first few weeks of life in the womb. The baby's kidneys are essential for the production of amniotic fluid in the womb. If there are no kidneys, there is little or no amniotic fluid (this is known as oligohydramnios) to expand the womb around the baby and to allow the baby to grow and move. The womb remains small and in its confined space the baby's lungs cannot develop properly. Many babies with Potter's Syndrome are stillborn. In those who are born alive, the immediate cause of death is failure to breathe (respiratory failure) due to underdeveloped (hypoplastic) lungs, usually one or two days after delivery. Even if this problem is treated the baby cannot survive without kidneys.

Anyway, Mrs A was admitted to the hospital last Monday after admission in the hospital for two days. The doctors had decided to terminate the pregnancy the baby. The induction started at noon. The baby was still kicking actively then and there was still a heart beat despite not having any amniotic fluid left in the womb.

Sadly, the parents don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl as they didn't have the heart to look at their baby.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nen-Nen -every single ounce matters

Brendan (23 months) always stand by me whenever I do my breastmilk pumping at home. He'll even try to help "pump" by holding the handle and pressing it down. Sometimes, he'll laugh and then say "mama nen-nen".

I normally try to pump 3X at the office to maintain my milk supply. But how do you juggle your pumping schedule when there's meeting to attend here and there? No choice but to find time to fit in somewhere lor.

I remember attending a press launch when Brendan was around 4 months+. While the press launch was going on, I suddenly felt that my blouse was wet when I crossed my arms. Dang! I quickly used a folder and hold it high up my chest so as not to make it too obvious. Luckily, I was wearing a striped colourful red top on that day otherwise got free show liao. I left early and turn my car air-con to full blast.

I used to use an electrical breastpump and pump in the toilet at that time. People are quite sua-ku then. Once, I came out from the toilet cubicle and noticed some ladies standing at the entrace of the door waiting for me to come out. When they saw me, they started laughing. One of them said "oh, it's you! We were wondering what sound was that and got scared!" Aiyo..... So, now I got myself a manual Avent pump, and I pump in the server room. More privacy and cleaner. Well, there are still colleagues of mine (male colleagues some more) who come knocking on the door just for the heck of it. sigh!

Well, breastmilk is worth it. Every single drop of it. When Brendan was in the care of my mum in Johor, I used to transport my glass jars of breastmilk in a cooler box and take it back home in Johor. Now, I just can't imagine that I used to carry my cooler box from the lrt station to Puduraya, and then board the bus home and then quickly put it in the freezer for Brendan's one week supply. Week after week it was the same routine. I used to get worried when my bus is delayed or when I have to take a later bus - afraid that the milk will all melt and get spoilt.

Anyway, now that my kids are both with me in KL, I don't have to worry about the weekly transportation. I also don't have to stay up late or get up early to pump milk. I just need to direct breastfeed Eryn from 9:30pm onwards. She gets up about 3x at night for her feeding, but it's so much more easier than having to pump them out.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Brendan's first "tanglung" celebration

Well, the mooncake celebration is finally over. Feeling very jelak already with all the mooncakes.

This year's mooncake celebration happens to be Brendan's very first. He was very fascinated with the colourful lanterns and even more excited with the idea of playing with candles.

We had a resident's get-together at our apartment poolside 2 Saturdays ago with lots of food and lanterns and food and more food...

Brendan wanted more! So last Friday, I took Brendan down alone, walking round the apartment blocks. And again, the following night, we had tanglung stroll at the lake by the garden at Taman Wawasan Puchong. Last night, we had a short mooncake gathering at a friend's place in Puchong.

I remember playing with lanterns when I was very young. My maternal grandma used to stay in a big kampung house in the then rural area. My cousins & I used to have tons of fun playing and walking from my grandma's place to the rest house area (about 1 km away) with our beautiful transparent paper lanterns. Sadly, we don't see much of these kind of lanterns nowadays. The plasticky and musical ones are really so noisy and some can be really horrible looking as well. I wanted to buy Brendan one but he just hated the sound. So, we opt for the normal colour paper lanterns. Well, why not? It's cheap. Can use and throw away if it gets burn.

Am hoping Brendan won't come bugging me for the lanterns tonight.

click : photos of the tanglung festival

Monday, September 12, 2005

Who is this?

A conversation between Brendan and his po-po (maternal grandma) :

Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to mummy)
Brendan : ma ma
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to daddy)
Brendan : dhat-jee (as in "daddy")
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to baby Eryn)
Brendan : mei-mei
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to her ownself, at the neck)
Brendan : neck

Sunday, September 11, 2005

TV talking to me?

It was after dinner. I was sitting down chatting with my mum while carrying Eryn on my lap. Hubby was playing with Brendan while the maid was cleaning up the table.

Out of a sudden, everyone froze and looked at each other.

"hahahahaha...". The sound came from Eryn. I mean, Eryn is only 2 months+ !! What sound could that be? A laughter? All heads turned to Eryn.

Again........ "hahahahaha.." Eryn was "watching" TV and she thought that the newscaster was talking to her! She started babble & smile and laugh again.

Everyone started laughing.

Well, that was Brendan, screaming away, trying to gain our attention. sigh!

Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Every day after work, Brendan loves to spend time playing with his daddy and mummy. We just have to play with him to avoid him disturbing his little baby sister (which he normally does in the daytime) by pinching her nose, trying to twist her arms and legs, pressing her cheek, hitting her head, climbing over her and trying to squash her. Oh boy! It can be such a big headache sometimes.

Last night, Brendan was up to his whining again, trying to pull us away from the attention that we're giving to his little mei mei. So, I had to shower him with some time by playing with him so he won't feel so left out. I started introduce some new games which he started laughing away heartily. I then started putting two small balls under his armpit as part of the game. He found it amusing, trying to hold the balls tightly under his arms. That was it. The whole night, he went running round the house with one hands up in the air and the other hand under his arm, laughing away while saying the word "Arb-beet". Yes, he was playing his armpit game. There he went, "arb-beet!! hahahahaha... arb-beet!! hahahahaha..."

This morning before I left for work, he said "mama...", lifted up one arm and then said, "arb-beet!!" while giving me that cheeky smirk. Kids.... they give you headaches, but they provide you with tons of never-ending cuteness you can't resist.


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