Monday, September 12, 2005

Who is this?

A conversation between Brendan and his po-po (maternal grandma) :

Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to mummy)
Brendan : ma ma
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to daddy)
Brendan : dhat-jee (as in "daddy")
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to baby Eryn)
Brendan : mei-mei
Po-po : Who is this? (pointing to her ownself, at the neck)
Brendan : neck


Tracy said...

If Brendan was to say 'neck-neck', maybe po-po would have heard 'nenek' instead and would be 'jumping' to say Brendan could say po-po in the Bahasa language!! OR if po-po was to point to her nose (what ppl usually do), Brendan could have said 'nose' and not po-po. (just my imagination) HA, HA, HA.

Baby Smooches said...

hehe, Tracy... I think Brendan is being cheeky. He knows how to call po-po first before he knows how to call mama!!
We too were wondering if grandma had pointed to her nose or chin, he could have answered something else!! Cheeky Cheeky


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