Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Every day after work, Brendan loves to spend time playing with his daddy and mummy. We just have to play with him to avoid him disturbing his little baby sister (which he normally does in the daytime) by pinching her nose, trying to twist her arms and legs, pressing her cheek, hitting her head, climbing over her and trying to squash her. Oh boy! It can be such a big headache sometimes.

Last night, Brendan was up to his whining again, trying to pull us away from the attention that we're giving to his little mei mei. So, I had to shower him with some time by playing with him so he won't feel so left out. I started introduce some new games which he started laughing away heartily. I then started putting two small balls under his armpit as part of the game. He found it amusing, trying to hold the balls tightly under his arms. That was it. The whole night, he went running round the house with one hands up in the air and the other hand under his arm, laughing away while saying the word "Arb-beet". Yes, he was playing his armpit game. There he went, "arb-beet!! hahahahaha... arb-beet!! hahahahaha..."

This morning before I left for work, he said "mama...", lifted up one arm and then said, "arb-beet!!" while giving me that cheeky smirk. Kids.... they give you headaches, but they provide you with tons of never-ending cuteness you can't resist.


jazzmint said...

hi Sharon, just dropping by to say hi :). Welcome to world of blogging

Tracy said...

Wah, Sharon too started blogging liao.

So farnee, I mean u and ur armpit game. Wonder how u came up with the idea. And ur Brendan and his 'arb beet'. Ha, ha, ha.

Baby Smooches said...

ya lor. Me very ketinggalan zaman one. Want to blog also no time. Well, at least I started somewhere. ;-)

Brendan was being quite cranky and suddenly the art-pit game made him laughed. Sometimes, we parents just have to try to be creative to keep things going.


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