Monday, September 19, 2005

Brendan's first "tanglung" celebration

Well, the mooncake celebration is finally over. Feeling very jelak already with all the mooncakes.

This year's mooncake celebration happens to be Brendan's very first. He was very fascinated with the colourful lanterns and even more excited with the idea of playing with candles.

We had a resident's get-together at our apartment poolside 2 Saturdays ago with lots of food and lanterns and food and more food...

Brendan wanted more! So last Friday, I took Brendan down alone, walking round the apartment blocks. And again, the following night, we had tanglung stroll at the lake by the garden at Taman Wawasan Puchong. Last night, we had a short mooncake gathering at a friend's place in Puchong.

I remember playing with lanterns when I was very young. My maternal grandma used to stay in a big kampung house in the then rural area. My cousins & I used to have tons of fun playing and walking from my grandma's place to the rest house area (about 1 km away) with our beautiful transparent paper lanterns. Sadly, we don't see much of these kind of lanterns nowadays. The plasticky and musical ones are really so noisy and some can be really horrible looking as well. I wanted to buy Brendan one but he just hated the sound. So, we opt for the normal colour paper lanterns. Well, why not? It's cheap. Can use and throw away if it gets burn.

Am hoping Brendan won't come bugging me for the lanterns tonight.

click : photos of the tanglung festival


Tracy said...


I've still have lots of mooncakes left, dunno how to get rid of them (all were gifts from relatives and frens) and what more, they are without egg yolks. Argh... no egg yolks. How to eat?

Me too, I prefer the paper lanterns to the musical ones. I just don't like the tanglungs with music. Moreover, the music are so out. How can these ppl put those type of music for children?

Wah, could see dat Brendan could hold the lantern properly. Sooo clever. My gal's tanglungs were all 'out of shape' even b4 the actual day came by, so just had to put up the lilins instead and she was singing her birthday song as usual when lilins were lit and was the first person to blow them out.

U all must have had a wonderful time in the residents' get-together. There were no kids to be seen with tanglungs at my place. *sigh* The residents r not at all 'sporting' here.

mumsgather said...

Thats a very lovely expression on your sons face. Yes, the paper lanterns are definitely better than the battery operated noisy ones.

Baby Smooches said...

Tracy, next year will invite you if we plan to have a get-together again.

AsleyLee said...

Brendan quite funny in the picture. I prefer the transparent paper lantern too, my mum would make for me every mooncake festival when i was young. But till i'm a mother for someone, i totally don't have idea on how to make a latern for Joshua. Aiyo, very paiseh.

Jesslyn said...

Mooncake festival really meaningfull for all of us ya..can get all family member together! some more can play lantern with our kids..they really enjoy it! Till date my Wien still asking me to play with her..i still entertain her provided i m not tired after work! just wanna finish up those candles..

Baby Smooches said...

Hui Sia, we'll make lantern making one of the agenda in the next pre-Mid-Autumn Festival get-together. hehehe.


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