Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nen-Nen -every single ounce matters

Brendan (23 months) always stand by me whenever I do my breastmilk pumping at home. He'll even try to help "pump" by holding the handle and pressing it down. Sometimes, he'll laugh and then say "mama nen-nen".

I normally try to pump 3X at the office to maintain my milk supply. But how do you juggle your pumping schedule when there's meeting to attend here and there? No choice but to find time to fit in somewhere lor.

I remember attending a press launch when Brendan was around 4 months+. While the press launch was going on, I suddenly felt that my blouse was wet when I crossed my arms. Dang! I quickly used a folder and hold it high up my chest so as not to make it too obvious. Luckily, I was wearing a striped colourful red top on that day otherwise got free show liao. I left early and turn my car air-con to full blast.

I used to use an electrical breastpump and pump in the toilet at that time. People are quite sua-ku then. Once, I came out from the toilet cubicle and noticed some ladies standing at the entrace of the door waiting for me to come out. When they saw me, they started laughing. One of them said "oh, it's you! We were wondering what sound was that and got scared!" Aiyo..... So, now I got myself a manual Avent pump, and I pump in the server room. More privacy and cleaner. Well, there are still colleagues of mine (male colleagues some more) who come knocking on the door just for the heck of it. sigh!

Well, breastmilk is worth it. Every single drop of it. When Brendan was in the care of my mum in Johor, I used to transport my glass jars of breastmilk in a cooler box and take it back home in Johor. Now, I just can't imagine that I used to carry my cooler box from the lrt station to Puduraya, and then board the bus home and then quickly put it in the freezer for Brendan's one week supply. Week after week it was the same routine. I used to get worried when my bus is delayed or when I have to take a later bus - afraid that the milk will all melt and get spoilt.

Anyway, now that my kids are both with me in KL, I don't have to worry about the weekly transportation. I also don't have to stay up late or get up early to pump milk. I just need to direct breastfeed Eryn from 9:30pm onwards. She gets up about 3x at night for her feeding, but it's so much more easier than having to pump them out.


michelle said...

Yeah I have the same problem with scheduling expressing milk with my meetings. Once I had to excuse myself from a boring meeting to go express milk. It was worth it.

Way to go and keep it up. I find my breastfeed gal is chubbier and stronger.

jazzmint said...

wow..you are a great BF-mama..salute salute..must get more tips from you when my 2nd one comes :)

Lazymama said...

I am so envy all of you can sucessfully breastfeed your children, the feeling of breastfeeding is so nice, I can only breastfeed in my dream. Yeah, salute you for willing to take the hassle to travel the bm for Brendan.

p/s: Sharon, you are good writer!

AsleyLee said...

I was not dare to use my electrical pump in office, hehehe, the pumping sound would so weird to those bachelors or single ladies.

Really need to salute you, you're deserved to be SUPERMUM!

Baby Smooches said...

I die-die want to breastfeed my baby the first time I got pregnant. Some aunts kasihan me and asked me to supplement with formula milk. I die-die also want to continue with breastmilk and transport my weekly supply by bus. Sadly, it only lasted 6 months coz I was so busy and my milk supply dropped and I had problems maintaining my supply. So, this time round, I die-die want to make it beyond 6 months. hehehe

I have friends who come and tell me they got no time to pump, too tired to pump, and all sort of excuses. Well, I did it and so can everyone else right?

Cheers to breastmilk!!

Adrian & Alvan said...

Sharon, you're really a Supermum, salute..
I feel guilty after read your posting, I stop BF Adrian by given myself so many excuses..:(

Baby Smooches said...

Well, Rachel... you can be more prepared next time. BFing alone doesn't make you a supermum. I salute mothers who juggle work, home, housework, all alone.... One very good example is Chanel. I think you know her right?


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