Friday, March 28, 2008

Mummy, I want to pang-sai

Travelling long distance on the road is no joke. What more if there's children with you in the car.

During the CNY trip back to KB, which was a long 8 hours drive, the kids never stop asking what time we will reach our destination. With so many stops every half hour to an hour for pee breaks and food, I can go berserk travelling long distance, especially to KB!!

The trip back from KB to Kluang was better. Better, not because the trip was better but because we are heading back to Kluang and back to yummy yummy home-cooked food. My dad is a wonderful cook and CNYs is when we ate till our tummy almost burst and we can still continue munching on mum's cookies and all. The trip took around 13 hours, inclusive of a 1 hour stop in KL. There wasn't any traffic jam at all, but the journey was quite horrific!

We left early that the morning on the 3rd day of CNY, just before sunrise. Mid-way in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Gua Musang, surrounded by tall tress and bushes, Eryn wanted to do her 'big business'.

Gosh, there's no stop until the next 40 minutes or so.

"Mummy, I want to pangsai... My tahi want to come out alreadeeeeeeee"

I asked DH to pull over to a safe spot where the road is wider as there were so many passing lorries and cars. We found a spot about 10 minutes later.

We took her little green potty out and there she was, doing her business beside the car in the middle of nowhere!

Luckily we brought wet tissues along. As for the poo, we returned it back to mother nature to fertilise the jungle out there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Langkawi again

Sometime Jan, just a few days after my birthday, we organised a short family trip to Langkawi again. The stay at Berjaya Langkawi was a complimentary for a photo we submitted that won us a 3 days 2 nights stay in 2 chalets there.

As a member of Berjaya, I used to rent out rooms to friends and they used to tell me it's a nice place for a family break. I've never really looked into Langkawi but I'm glad I went there with my family and am quite happy with the outcome.

The first time we went was with my MIL. This time I took my mum as she has never been to Langkawi before.

As the kids are older now, travelling was made much easier . We rented a car from the airport and drove round the island.

We went back to Beras Terbakar to get batiks as they are so much more cheaper there. Mum loves batik and she got one big bag of batiks to bring back to kampung.

We went to the Hot Spring again too as I had wanted my mum to experience the warm natural water source. We each took a pail of water each and the first dip into the water was actually quite surprising hot to the skin. It took a while before we are able to put our in properly.

The kids didn't missed out on the fun as well as they too took a little dip in their own pail of water. The water can be very hot for children's skin, so it would be appropriate to let it cook down first before letting their little feet into the warm water.

It wouldn't be a surprise if eggs that are put into the water will turn hard-boiled!

It happened to be the week of The Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2008. Brendan was tremendously excited at seeing the yachts sailing away. The weather didn't permit us to stay any longer but the experience had Brendan talking about boats all day long.

We came across a place we missed the last time - Laman Padi, or also known as the Rice Musuem. It didn't look like a place of attraction from the outside until mum asked why we have a mat salleh standing in the middle of the padi field. To curb our curiosity, we made a u-turn and entered the place and were pleasantlyt surprised that the place is quite a nice place after all.

Mum was engrossed in the herbs garden while the kids liked looking at the pond and running around the spacious area. I was particularly attracted to the padi field. I've seen so many of it but have never stepped onto the middle of a padi field!

For this trip, we made sure we spent at least half a day at the beach and the pool cos we missed that the last time as it was raining. We saw two dead jellyfish washed ashore. The kids came across it first and started shouting for us to go and see. the jelly-feel and whitish soft flesh was certainly not something that we expected but it did attract a lot of attention to those nearby.

We didn't go to the waterfall or to the aquarium this time. I was particularly upset that my favourite stall was not open. The last time we came, we ate this nice hot Thai koey teow soup at a small stall and made a pact to come back to this stall should be ever visit Langkawi again, but luck just wasn't on our side for this trip.

Overall, it was a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. What a good way to start the year with a brand new refreshing feel to the year.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here, mousey-mousey

There's a little white mouse in my house! Well, it runs so fast I don't really know if it's really white. I thought it was light brown. DH says it is white and I'm beginning to wonder whether they could be 2 mice in the house.

Well, I first saw it last Friday when it ran from the kitchen to the toilet and to the backroom. I tried to find but it's nowhere to be found. Is it supposed to bring me luck on this year of the rat or what? It better be!! Otherwise, I'm gonna trap that mouse and throw it for the cats my neighbour keeps. Speaking of cats, those cats are so damn irritating. They climbed on my car and comes to my garden. So far, I've not seen any shitty business otherwise I'll throw them to the 4 noisy barking dogs another neighbour is rearing. And speaking of these 4 dogs, they bark and bark day and night. I'm not really bothered with them UNLESS they start pooing in the garden outside my house!! I wish owners would collect their dogs' poo instead of putting unwanted fertiliser on my little garden. I use my bare hands to do gardening sometimes, pulling weeds and picking little garbage, probably thrown by some little children (or maybe adults?). So, getting up close with those poo can be disasterous to my already horrible ugly looking hands..

I used to walk my auntie's Golden Retriever and my aunt will make me carry a few plastic bags with me to collect the dog's poo, and of course I do it! Imagine the tons of poos on the road if we don't go collecting our own dogs' poo!

Well, back to the little mouse. I'm wondering whether I should trap this little active mouse. I keep my food properly in the shelves with doors and I've avoided leaving food in the open. My garbage can is now closed too.

I overhead Eryn saying this to Brendan last night, "Kor-kor, don't go to the kitchen, afterwards the mouse jump out from there (from under the cabinet which has space only for the ants to go through)".

Brendan replied, "How can the mouse kemek its body to enter down there? Piak!! (with his hands clapping together) Like that meh?"

Anyway, if it's hungry, it would run somewhere else right?

Err.... right?? Please say YES!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finger-goreng, anyone?

Don't know what went on my mind. I'm working from home today. So, I took the opportunity to prepare some ingredients for cooking later and mana tahu, I cut my finger!!

I was chopping some cabbage finely at a very fast rate and *chop*!! - one tiny part of my fingernail along with some flesh were gone. I can't find the missing part and it's not in the cabbage dish either... eeww.... I didn't feel anything.

I took a closer look and my finger is no longer rounded. One end was straight diagonally and I can see a chunk of flesh missing. Blood starting oozing out and I quickly took some ice out.
Applied some antiseptic lotion and put a bandage on my finger.

Can't believe that happened! Aargh..... Now, my finger is throbbing, like there's a heart in that tiny finger, beating and pounding hard... Haiyo... so lun-cun!

No pictures. It's dinner time, I've gotta go and cook and don't want anyone's appetite to be spoilt.


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