Thursday, March 20, 2008

Langkawi again

Sometime Jan, just a few days after my birthday, we organised a short family trip to Langkawi again. The stay at Berjaya Langkawi was a complimentary for a photo we submitted that won us a 3 days 2 nights stay in 2 chalets there.

As a member of Berjaya, I used to rent out rooms to friends and they used to tell me it's a nice place for a family break. I've never really looked into Langkawi but I'm glad I went there with my family and am quite happy with the outcome.

The first time we went was with my MIL. This time I took my mum as she has never been to Langkawi before.

As the kids are older now, travelling was made much easier . We rented a car from the airport and drove round the island.

We went back to Beras Terbakar to get batiks as they are so much more cheaper there. Mum loves batik and she got one big bag of batiks to bring back to kampung.

We went to the Hot Spring again too as I had wanted my mum to experience the warm natural water source. We each took a pail of water each and the first dip into the water was actually quite surprising hot to the skin. It took a while before we are able to put our in properly.

The kids didn't missed out on the fun as well as they too took a little dip in their own pail of water. The water can be very hot for children's skin, so it would be appropriate to let it cook down first before letting their little feet into the warm water.

It wouldn't be a surprise if eggs that are put into the water will turn hard-boiled!

It happened to be the week of The Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2008. Brendan was tremendously excited at seeing the yachts sailing away. The weather didn't permit us to stay any longer but the experience had Brendan talking about boats all day long.

We came across a place we missed the last time - Laman Padi, or also known as the Rice Musuem. It didn't look like a place of attraction from the outside until mum asked why we have a mat salleh standing in the middle of the padi field. To curb our curiosity, we made a u-turn and entered the place and were pleasantlyt surprised that the place is quite a nice place after all.

Mum was engrossed in the herbs garden while the kids liked looking at the pond and running around the spacious area. I was particularly attracted to the padi field. I've seen so many of it but have never stepped onto the middle of a padi field!

For this trip, we made sure we spent at least half a day at the beach and the pool cos we missed that the last time as it was raining. We saw two dead jellyfish washed ashore. The kids came across it first and started shouting for us to go and see. the jelly-feel and whitish soft flesh was certainly not something that we expected but it did attract a lot of attention to those nearby.

We didn't go to the waterfall or to the aquarium this time. I was particularly upset that my favourite stall was not open. The last time we came, we ate this nice hot Thai koey teow soup at a small stall and made a pact to come back to this stall should be ever visit Langkawi again, but luck just wasn't on our side for this trip.

Overall, it was a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. What a good way to start the year with a brand new refreshing feel to the year.


wen said...

i have never been to the laman padi. i shd go for my next visit

chanelwong said...

wow...nvm...same place also nvm, as long good family time n happy

Martini said...

what a nice trip for the family :)


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