Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here, mousey-mousey

There's a little white mouse in my house! Well, it runs so fast I don't really know if it's really white. I thought it was light brown. DH says it is white and I'm beginning to wonder whether they could be 2 mice in the house.

Well, I first saw it last Friday when it ran from the kitchen to the toilet and to the backroom. I tried to find but it's nowhere to be found. Is it supposed to bring me luck on this year of the rat or what? It better be!! Otherwise, I'm gonna trap that mouse and throw it for the cats my neighbour keeps. Speaking of cats, those cats are so damn irritating. They climbed on my car and comes to my garden. So far, I've not seen any shitty business otherwise I'll throw them to the 4 noisy barking dogs another neighbour is rearing. And speaking of these 4 dogs, they bark and bark day and night. I'm not really bothered with them UNLESS they start pooing in the garden outside my house!! I wish owners would collect their dogs' poo instead of putting unwanted fertiliser on my little garden. I use my bare hands to do gardening sometimes, pulling weeds and picking little garbage, probably thrown by some little children (or maybe adults?). So, getting up close with those poo can be disasterous to my already horrible ugly looking hands..

I used to walk my auntie's Golden Retriever and my aunt will make me carry a few plastic bags with me to collect the dog's poo, and of course I do it! Imagine the tons of poos on the road if we don't go collecting our own dogs' poo!

Well, back to the little mouse. I'm wondering whether I should trap this little active mouse. I keep my food properly in the shelves with doors and I've avoided leaving food in the open. My garbage can is now closed too.

I overhead Eryn saying this to Brendan last night, "Kor-kor, don't go to the kitchen, afterwards the mouse jump out from there (from under the cabinet which has space only for the ants to go through)".

Brendan replied, "How can the mouse kemek its body to enter down there? Piak!! (with his hands clapping together) Like that meh?"

Anyway, if it's hungry, it would run somewhere else right?

Err.... right?? Please say YES!


wen said...

a white mouse ah... trap it and feed to the cats is a gd idea.. u wanna leave it, not scared it goes to ur room and u r wondering if it is when u r sleeping?

u shifted to a link house edi?

chanelwong said...

sharon...miss you !!!!!.....

Baby Smooches said...

I saw it again! and it's brown! It's now trapped in the toilet. I closed both toilet doors and am waiting for hubby to come back with the mouse trap! haha

Wen, yes, I have shifted.

Chanel, you can still catch me on MSN chat :-)

Martini said...

welcome back to the blogging world :)
kemek? aha... my boy also like to say that, hehe...

MamaJo said...

If the mouse has nothing to eat, he will eat all your papers/clothes/ anything...he just will chew on anything!! So, try to catch it...I hate mouse enter my house....and will try my best to catch it no matter how...


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