Saturday, November 22, 2008

Roti kahwin & Madagascar 2

The real Kluang coffee and toast buns definitely originate from the town itself, little Kluang.

Brendan & Eryn love the butter and kaya toast buns in the Kluang RailCoffee shop. In our last trip back, we took them again to their rather newly opened branch for tea, after watching MADAGASCAR 2 and the kids eat it with so much satisfaction and the pure enjoyment on their face shows it all. They will lick on the melting butter at the side of the buns and savour every single bite of it like there's no tomorrow.

Hubby ordered mee jawa while I prefer to stick to my usual kopi and the toasted buns too.

MADAGASCAR 2 was great and it was the kids first visit to the cinema. The thing that made them sit throughout the movie was the popcorn. Brendan enjoyed the experience but Eryn was getting bored after the popcorn ran out.

In the next few days after the movie, the kids went shaking their heads and butts and singing "We wanna MOVE IT! MOVE IT"...

Kong-kong's birthday

It was my dad's 60th birthday last Saturday, and we went back to my hometown to celebrate it.

We organised dinnner and got some family members and dad invited some of his friends. It was a small celebration, but everyone enjoyed the food and company.

We had the dinner in Star Restaurant which was packed. There were 3 other family celebrating birthdays day and the birthday boys and girls were all senior citizens. We thought it was wierd when we hear the birthday song being played on CD twice before we realised that two other tables were celebrating birthdays there. Ours was the third family. After that, another family, sang the birthday song for the fourth time in the restaurant!

I wonder whether my kids and grandkids will be celebrating my 60th birthday in such a warm and cosy dinner in the not too distant nor far future :-)

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eryn's tooth problem resolved

Remember Eryn's tooth problem and abcessed gum?

After the numerous phone calls to various dentists and to UH, and 3 visits to 3 different doctors, I decided to go to Pristine Dental in Jalan Gasing. Ms Prema, the clinic nurse was extremely helpful and gave me the trust that their doctors are very child-friendly and professional in their line of work.

I am glad that I stick to my decision of not wanting to extract Eryn's tooth which could give her psychological problems, speech problem and the spacing of her teeth.

Dr Priscilla attended to us and she was just so friendly and helpful. She suggested pulpotomy, which is actually the cleaning on the inside of the tooth and fill the empty space up - pretty much similar to filling except this is for the front tooth.

I was terrified of the idea at first and whether Eryn would face the trauma. I decided to go with my gut feeling and rejected the idea of going to the specialist under general anaesthetic. Hubby and I trusted Eryn to be strong and she was definitely stronger than what we thought.

Eryn sat quietly and didn't squirm or scream. She only cried pain for a while when the doctor injected a long syringe into her gum to numb it. After that, she was extremely cooperative and open her mouth wide for the doctor to see. Eryn was very happy over the whole experience as she felt so appreciated and the fact that everyone praised her for being good.

The whole thing was faster than I thought, probably around 15 minutes or so. The doctor, gave her an injection, drilled the back of her tooth, cleaned it, remove the old pulp, cleaned it again, fill it up and it's then it was all done. Fast, efficient, good job.

All doctors I spoke to or saw recommended extraction and in fact, most parents actually chose the option. I'm glad I defy that option and took all troubles to my own research and checking. Eryn is one brave girl. In fact, she's looking forward to her next treatment in two weeks' time she says she wants to have nice teeth.

It may not be suitable for all kids as Ms Prema told us that one little boy actually kicked one of the dentist real hard and some kids were screaming and crying away. For me, to make this personal decision, took me lots of guts, sleepness nights, phone calls, prayers, and most importantly wanting the best and having the trust in my little girl.

Here's Pristine Dental add : 52, Jalan Gasing, Section 5 (Tel no. : 03-7781 6289). It's located in a very nice bungalow with a beautiful surrounding, near a traffic light.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we attended one of hubby's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was planned by hubby's cousin (the couple's daughter) and another auntie. It was a very special affair, held in one of his auntie's resident.

It's actually my first time attending a 50th wedding anniversary and this was quite an interesting and fun party, attended by some relatives and close friends. The food was great. The company was superb. The activities were aplenty - singing to oldies and Japanese songs, freestyle dancing, waltz and cha-cha, flowers presentation by grandnieces and nephews and a funny skit that brought stitches to all. Brendan and Eryn changed into their indian costume for the flower presentation. They were delighted to receive angpow by the golden couple, given to all the children in the house.

Brendan and Eryn just loved the dancing but was terrified of the two lovely golden retrievers in the house. It's a memorable time for all. With the love, support and understanding that brought this couple this far, it was an emotional time for hubby's aunt who was pleasantly touched by this great surprise party.

Brendan and Eryn at the koi pond

The kids joining the adults in the energetic dances

More dances by Brendan & Eryn in their indian costumes

Sushi and sashimi from Sushi King and local delights

Tempura in the making, plus the yummy soft-shell crabs

The cute cupcakes I ordered from Mama Min

Other random shots


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