Sunday, November 2, 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, we attended one of hubby's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was planned by hubby's cousin (the couple's daughter) and another auntie. It was a very special affair, held in one of his auntie's resident.

It's actually my first time attending a 50th wedding anniversary and this was quite an interesting and fun party, attended by some relatives and close friends. The food was great. The company was superb. The activities were aplenty - singing to oldies and Japanese songs, freestyle dancing, waltz and cha-cha, flowers presentation by grandnieces and nephews and a funny skit that brought stitches to all. Brendan and Eryn changed into their indian costume for the flower presentation. They were delighted to receive angpow by the golden couple, given to all the children in the house.

Brendan and Eryn just loved the dancing but was terrified of the two lovely golden retrievers in the house. It's a memorable time for all. With the love, support and understanding that brought this couple this far, it was an emotional time for hubby's aunt who was pleasantly touched by this great surprise party.

Brendan and Eryn at the koi pond

The kids joining the adults in the energetic dances

More dances by Brendan & Eryn in their indian costumes

Sushi and sashimi from Sushi King and local delights

Tempura in the making, plus the yummy soft-shell crabs

The cute cupcakes I ordered from Mama Min

Other random shots


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow! That looked like a very fun event. I hope I can celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my hubby too! I wonder how some couples do it.

Anonymous said...

Brendan & Eryn look very alike in the top left pic :)

look like you all enjoy it very much!

Mama said...

In these days and age when couples are ready to throw in the towel after a few fights, it's heartwarming to hear about couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary :D

Thanks for posting the photo of the mahjong cupcakes and the plug ;)

Jesslyn said...

Wow, 50th anniversary! I wish I could reach that stage too!

..such a heart warming party....well done!

Babysmooches said...

It was certainly a nice party. It was planned by the couple's daughter and another aunt to be held at home to make it more cosy.

MamaJo said...

Wow, it is really not easy to achieve 50th year anniversary nowadays ler....and the party food look so nice!!!


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