Friday, March 25, 2011

Potato craze

There was once we had fried fish fillet with crumbs and lots of potatoes. And I do mean lots and lots of potatoes.

My dad made french fries from fresh potatos, from scratch, and Brendan loves it. He has been asking for kong-kong's homemade french fries, so I bought potatoes.

Then, the whole plans changed cos I made mash potatoes and grilled potatoes with cheese and butter toppings instead.  Dessert was sweet potato soup.

A day full of potatoes! But it was a great change and the kids love it! But we have to forgo potatoes for a long time after that after the potato day. haha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How babies come out?

Last night, I heard a very funny and wierd conversation between my 6 y.o. gal and 8 y.o. boy. They saw a news  highlight on Channel News Asia about a Japanese lady giving birth to a baby.

Brendan : Mei-mei, you see the baby looks so funny.
Eryn        : Last time when we were babies, we looked like that too.
Brendan : Why they didn't show where the baby come out from? Baby doesn't
                   come out from the 'du-chi' (navel). Actually, the doctor cut open the
                   stomach to take the baby out.
Eryn        : No lah, baby come out from 'petpet'.
Brendan : *silent, and thinking seriously about something*
Brendan : Hmm..... how to come out? the 'petpet' so small lah.
Mummy : *burst out laughing* (both Brendan and Eryn turned quickly to look
                   at mummy)
Eryn      : Mummy, why you laugh? (both their face were very serious and thinking
                hard about the baby issue)
Mummy : Some women deliver baby by cutting up the stomach. We call that
                 caesarean, or c-sect. Some women deliver baby naturally, like how I
                 delivered you two, which is through the vagina (had to explain that it's
                 not the 'petpet'). God created mothers to have a womb where the baby 
                 is kept and fed (another long explanation), and grow safely. The womb
                 can expand according to the baby's growth and when it is time for the
                 baby to come out, the vagina will prepare itself and expand for the baby's
                 head to come out as well.
Eryn      : If the baby get stuck then how?
Mummy : then the dr will help to cut open a little, or maybe use forceps (again,
                  have to explain) or vacuum.
Brendan : hahahaha... BRRRRRRRRRRR .. take the vacuum cleaner and suck
                   the baby out meh??
Eryn       : hahahaha..... (pretend to hold vacuum cleaner and pulling action).
Mummy : sigh! No, this is a special type of machine ONNNLYYYYY meant to
                  deliver babies.
Brendan : Girl so poor thing hor. Have to pain-pain to give birth. Boy no need.
Eryn      : But your tummy so big leh, kor-kor. Like got baby like that...

Brendan and Eryn started laughing and continued doing their normal drawing activities.


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