Friday, March 25, 2011

Potato craze

There was once we had fried fish fillet with crumbs and lots of potatoes. And I do mean lots and lots of potatoes.

My dad made french fries from fresh potatos, from scratch, and Brendan loves it. He has been asking for kong-kong's homemade french fries, so I bought potatoes.

Then, the whole plans changed cos I made mash potatoes and grilled potatoes with cheese and butter toppings instead.  Dessert was sweet potato soup.

A day full of potatoes! But it was a great change and the kids love it! But we have to forgo potatoes for a long time after that after the potato day. haha!


Anggie's Journal said...

i m a potato craze too, but not my 3 boys .

Alice Law said...

Potatoes are one of the healthiest and nutritional carb! And you did it a rather healthy way too!

Sharon Boo said...

Anggie, you cook with so much love and care, and I'm sure that your 3 boys (including the big one) is so proud of you :-)
Alice, you're right. The kids get bored of rice and noodles sometimes, so I just have to have a variation.

chanelwong said...

i also love potatoes...yummy


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