Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All she wants for her birthday is.....

Eryn has always been a happy-go-lucky girl. And she definitely has lots of things to talk about. She can yak and yak from morning till night. It drives me crazy sometimes, but that brings out the good vibes in our house unless she goes around throwing little tantrums and makes me go even crazier.

For the past two weeks, she has been talking about her birthday. She didn't ask for any present but was extremely pleased to get a glittering star watch souvenior we got from Tokyo.

In two days' time, she'll be turning 7. Just like most girls her age, she likes cute little girlish stuffs. She loves drawing (just like mummy!). And she's got a mind of her own. DH was telling me about this little conversation they had reccently :

Daddy : Eryn, you must always eat at the kitchen table. Please do not eat and walk everywhere.
Eryn     : Daddy, when I have children next time, I will allow my children to eat on the bed.
Daddy : *stunned*
Daddy : Then your bed will be dirty and ants will come! Don't be so dirty.
Eryn     : Well, I just want to be good to my children. *laughed happily and went to sit by
              the kitchen table*

That's just so Eryn. She has so many things to say and can be very impromptu. She can manja-manja at one time, and throw her tantrums at another time. At most times, she'll be happily singing and yakking and drawing away.

Last night, during dinner, she asked me, "Mummy, my birthday is coming. Do you know what I want for my birthday?" I told her firmly, "Mummy is financially tight. We'll see what we can do together". Eryn said, "Mummy, I'm not asking for present. I don't want any presents. I have not eat the green black rice (referring to khao jam aka Kelantanese nasi kerabu) for a long time. Can you cook that for my birthday, pleaseeeeeee?"

She then went on to talk about how she loves the green black rice and how her friends in school was starring at her greenish black coloured rice and asking her what it was.

I guess that's just not too much to ask for right? It will be done. And it will be made with lots of love (and the amount of effort put into it).

Eryn eating "khao jam" with her hands in this file photo taken quite a while back.


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