Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just for the fun of it :-D

Eryn and her princess dreams..

Brendan & his various 'poses'

Monday, March 9, 2009

Poh-poh's garden

My mum has interest in all things related to health and herbs and plants with medicinal value. so much so that she's taken to planting some stuffs in the little garden and balcony of my parents double storey house back in my kampung.

My favourite would be her little apple tree and the mulberry tree. The apple is small, but surprisingly sweet and crunchy and doesn't taste like apple at all. My kids love it so much.

The fruit from the mulberry tree has an extremely sweet taste! Brendan didn't like the look of it and didn't want to eat it but Eryn took a bite and kept asking for more. I learnt from my mum that the tree has medicinal values and the leaves can help anemia, dizzy spells, constipation, kidney problem and many other health problems.

My mum has what you call 'green fingers'. Her soil are extremely fertile as she uses only organic fertilising, through decomposition and natural fertiliser. There's corn (yes, the sweet and expensive type of jagung), strawberry, limau purut, to herbs and vegetables like kesum, mint and many more I can't recognise.

I've suddenly developed a love for certain herbs and plants, and wish I have a big garden for all that. I need a bigger house, well... a bigger garden actually.


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