Monday, August 24, 2009

cooking made easy!

I finally found the way to save tons of time cooking yummy food, without needing much oil and eating it healthy.

Hubby has been telling me to get this cooker, but I had repeatly told him that I wasn't interested until I recently saw the demo done by our babysitter at a birthday party. She cooked 2 different dishes - marmite ribs and curry chicken. The marmite ribs were just simply delicious, one of the best that I've ever eaten, and all it needs is only 30 minutes in the cooker. The curry chicken was surprisingly lip-smacking good, with just 45 minutes cooking time in the cooker. She even made cheese cake using the cooker too! Altogether, there were 3 cookers. She just left it there for the whole 45 minutes, and only opening the curry chicken and ribs cover once to stir it a little, and that's it! No oil was added as well.

There are weekend cooking classes and recipes available at their outlets as well. We can even cook "pak cham kai", porridge, soup, and yummy dishes with it.

I was so convinced I had to just get one on the spot. I'm perfectly thrilled by this new found secret and just have to share it here. It's the buffalo brand smart cooker and it cost me RM768, but I'll be assured of nutritious food, easy cooking while I do my own stuffs and tah dah!... ready to eat..

Our babysitter is happy to organise a cooking demo for any group of mummies or anyone who is keen to learn more at her own house or at your own place. . I'd be most happy to join as well to see what new recipe she's introducing. hehe...

Love is in the air

This sight made me felt so warm and feeling good. I was eating my KFC, when out of the blue, Eryn started hugging Brendan.

Back at home, when Eryn give Brendan a hug, he'll scream at her. When Brendan tickles Eryn, Eryn will start whining for me. Oh boy! It was always a little battlefield at home. They tend to chase each other round the house and play 'catch me if you can', sometimes driving me up the wall with their non-stop action!

But this particular day, they both were just so good and I can't help but pull out my camera phone to snap photos of them.

Such a pretty sight, don't you think so?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

medical attention?

My little girl was sick the whole of last week. She started having fever on last Monday and on Tuesday, we took her to see the dr and her temperature was at 38 degrees. She had fever, flu, cough, sore throat and was feeling very lethargic. We enquired on H1N1 and the dr says that she was merely having the normal viral infection and shouldn't be having H1N1 as the main concern would be for suspected patients who have just returned from infected countries as well as those who have direct contact with someone who is having H1N1.

We were relieved and were given the normal flu, cough & throat medicine for her. 2 days later, her fever hasn't gone down, and instead went up to almost 39 degrees. We send her to a 24 hours clinic in the middle of the night and was merely given suppositories to immediately reduce her fever.

By time time, I was furious as I requested for a blood test and was denied one, as the dr was not willing to do one. We sent her to a paeditrican the following day, for her third check-up and this dr too says that there is no need for concern. Our request for blood test again was denied. So, what does it take to get an ACTUAL medical test done?

There are so many deaths happening among children these days and what does it take for the medical centres to give prompt and MORE concern for such cases?

After having fever for one week, Eryn's fever has gone down, but I had shudder to think if something could have happened to her.

And with so many people coughing and hacking and sneezing around me, do I continue life as usual without being paranoid?


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