Thursday, September 28, 2006

Eryn's little 'acrobat' performance.

Eryn is one little dashyat baby. Turning 16 months old this Sunday, it's a wonder how she can perform her little magic.

Tell her to do tai-chi and she'll put her two hands down on the floor, one leg down and the other leg up in the air, then she'll twist her body a little like a acrobat stunt. When it comes to yoga, there's a more dramatic effect - the same taichi stunt, but with an added 'lifting up her head' effect.

There's this big cute Crayon Shin Chan doll that we have at home where Eryn will just jump on it, squeeze the neck with her knees and start riding it and she'll goes "sit hooss..." (sit horse)

She can climb up the chairs, tables, hide under the sofa set and the stuffs that babies do without any thoughts of danger coming to their minds. Oh, and she loves twirling around the curtain at the sliding door.

Check out the picture on the right. Eryn’s shirt is lifted back and you know what? She did that all by herself!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Weekend get-away at D'Paradise

I was given a free night stay at D’Paradise farm in Melaka. Since the complimentary stay is valued at RM1,000 I took my mum, sis, maid and the kids for a short weekend get-away there.

We stayed in a nice little “kampong” like house on a hill. The bathrooms were attached to the 2 rooms with an open-air environment, where you can look up and see the sky while bathing. We didn’t dare take the chance to do that at night. Who knows, we might just suddenly see eyes popping out of no where.

We were quite concern of the insects as we were scared that the kids will get bitten. There was a bee flying around us and a black, furry caterpillar that was in the house. So, we had to keep a lookout in case the kids start picking on the insects and putting them into their mouths.

In the daytime, we took the buggy and drove round the farm. It was basically a tropical fruit farm. Brendan and Eryn were especially thrilled at the sight of the deers and ostriches. They were just so tame and came up close to us. I was actually surprised that the deers love nangkas (jackfruits). They came running to one huge nangka that were thrown to them and they happily tore it open and ate everything.

Overall, it was a nice get-away though I wouldn’t purposely pay to spend a night there as I get to see these fruits since I get to see lots of it back in my hometown.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zoo again...

Brendan had the opportunity to visit the zoo again on 26th August. Eryn tagged along and it was her first time. Daddy came along as well since he seldom take the kids for outings like this.

I remember the last time I went with Brendan alone, we took our time enjoying watching the animals and leisurely walked at our own pace to let Brendan has his “oohhhhs” and “aahhhhs”. This time, with daddy around, it’s like he’s walking so far ahead of us and we having to catch up with him. By the time we reached where he was standing, he’ll say “ok, come, let’s go….” Eesshh……. How impatiently can he be. Eryn didn’t get much chance to see some of the animals as time seems to be running out for daddy…..

Sigh! Can’t daddy just learn to s.l.o.w. down and enjoy that few hours of fun for the kids?

To think that I’ve never been to Zoo Negara and this year alone, I actually went there twice!


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