Sunday, January 15, 2006

Playtime with Shin Chan

Both Brendan and Eryn likes their cute, short, chubby and huggable Crayon Shin Chan soft toy.
They'll both literally fight over this soft toy.
Here's one pic of a very happy Eryn having a good time with Shin Chan and one of her older friend.

Mandi time

Babies love water. You just can't deny that. Like Brendan, Eryn just loves splashing in her little bath tub each time she takes a bath.

Cuckoo Cuckoo

Just want to share the pening-pening cuckoos in a shop I visted many, many years ago in Rothernburg, Germany which specialized in cuckoo clocks!

The clocks were carefully and beautifully hand-crafted. There were lots of designs and you can just be in that shop for an hour, staring at each cuckoo clocks!

Imagine having all the clocks stike at once! Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo…..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Toddler language

Eversince I deliver Eryn, Brendan started talking and talking and talking, and most of the time at home. Outside, he’ll be as quiet as a mouse. Like all toddlers, his pronounciation wasn’t matured yet, but it’s improving by the day. To understand toddler talks, you have to be a parent to a toddler to understand the “foreign” language.

Some of his earlier pronounciation of some words were as follows :

Motorcycle – Moto-Ah-Geh
Crocodile – Koh-koh-die
This one - Jee Jahn
Don’t want - Duu when (we initially thought he said durian)
Shoe - Chooo
Socks - Chocks
Firecrackers - Far-yea-kah-kek

Now, this is Brendan’s favourite “rhyme”. You guess what it is:

Chooo maa ker kah daddy coe.
Daddy chit ay pane go mea chee koe

Kids say the darnest things!

Situation 1 – Brendan & mummy playing with a set of wild animals toys (given by a friend) for the first time.

Mummy : What’s this? (holding a tiger)
Brendan : tah-geh
Mummy : What about this? (holding a giraffe)
Brendan : jee-ghap
Mummy : What’s this? (holding a lion)
Brendan : nai-yen
Mummy : What’s this? (holding a hippopotamus)
Brendan : cow
Mummy : What?!! Cow? Hahahahahaha. No, this is a hippo!!
Brendan : hahahahahaha. Hippo! Hippo!

Situation 2 – Brendan and mummy going for a walk downstairs around the apartment.

Brendan : Mummy! Mummy!
Mummy : Yes, Brendan?
Brendan : Old man. Got one eye.
Mummy : One eye? Where?
Brendan : There (pointing to a four-wheel drive)
Mummy : Huh? Where?
Brendan : There….. Uncle drive car.
Mummy : Oh, the uncle who drives this car has only one eye is it?
Brendan : (nods head). Car accident. Bom! Eye gone.

Brendan takes mummy hand and walks towards the four-wheel drive.
Brendan points at the picture by the car door which is actually the face of a pirate with one eye covered. Hahaha.

Situation 3 – Brendan and mummy shopping in Tesco on Hari Raya Haji eve. There was a huge piece of meat hanging from a pole, with some blood on the plastic mat below it

Brendan : Mummy, mummy. See….. got blood. (pointing to the blood on the floor)
Mummy : eeeee…… don’t go near there Brendan. It’s dirty.
Brendan : Mummy, mummy. Blood! Accident. Cow die.

Haiyo….. the things this fella says! Don’t know where he learns from.

Situation 4 – Mummy came back from work.

Brendan : Mummy, poh-poh cut pandan leep.
Mummy : Oh! Brendan follow poh-poh to cut pandan leaves ar?
Poh-Poh : Brendan, poh-poh use pandan leaves to cook what?
Brendan : Barley…… Chweet potato choop (as in sweet potato soup)…….Kaya......Kitchin lice (as in chicken rice)…… Jen-nee (as in jelly)….. Boh-Boh-Cha-Cha……

Situation 5 - Brendan and his poh-poh (grandma) were having a conversation.

Poh-poh : What’s mei-mei’s name?
Brendan : Aye-Reen (as in Eryn)
Poh-poh : What’s daddy’s name?
Brendan : (says his daddy’s name correctly)
Poh-Poh : What’s mummy’s name?
Brendan : (says his mummy’s name correctly)
Poh-Poh : What’s poh-poh’s name?
Brendan : (says poh-poh’s name correctly)
Poh-poh : What’s kong kong’s (grandpa) name?
Brendan : Ah-na Ah-na Ah-na Ah-na(grandpa likes to go “ah-na ah-na ah-na” whenever Brendan makes lots of noise)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cheesy Situation

Cheese – either you love it, or hate it.

My hubby has always been a cheese lover. He once took back a small pack of cheese given to him by a friend during one of his visit to Germany. I don’t know what kind of cheese that was but the whole house smelt strongly of that cheese once the pack was opened. In fact, he was asked by his friend to pack it nicely cos the cheese will cause a lingering smell which will take some time to go away.

I normally stick to my usual sliced cheedar cheese for my bread or the cheedar block where I cut a small piece for my pasta. Lately, Brendan has a liking for cheese as well after daddy came back from Mexico last month with some small tubs of French cheese spread.. Brendan likes it on his bread with a little butter or sometimes, just the cheese spread on its own.

During his first outing with us to a Christmas buffet dinner, he happily tried the various types of cheese there and happily chewed on it!! Boy, was I extremely surprise by his liking for cheese. I’ve put a temporary stop to the cheesy breakfast meal and it’s been 5 days since he last had cheese. He hasn’t asked for it since and it was a relieve to me that he isn’t a cheese-addict after all.

I remember one trip to Karlstadt, a small town in Germany. I came across huge pies of cheese in one of their local market. Some of the cheese can be as big as the tyre of a tractor, if not bigger! I suddenly felt all cheesy all over. I’ve never come across such big blocks of cheese in Malaysia anyway. In fact, everything else was big.

In one particularly dinner meal, I ordered a bowl of salad, soup and main course. Our German friends stared at me in awe when I made my order. I didn’t know what the surprises were all about until the food arrived. The single serving of salad was as big as a big bowl of salad for about 3-4 persons in Malaysia. And the delicious creamy mushroom soup alone looks like a maindish by itself, with a generous serving of bread. By the time the main dish came, I almost died! It could feed a family of 4! The main dish has it’s own serving of salad. Gosh, I was simply embarrassed by my order and didn’t want to look like a terrible guest. I later seeked permission to ta-paoed the unfinished food. It was one of the main joke of the night.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Lion dance performer

Brendan trying to do his lion dance performance for all at home. One 'stiff' performer :-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Daddy and mummy seldom buy toys for Brendan and Eryn. Most of their toys are hand-me-downs or are bought at a local church garage sale. One of daddy’s close friend gave daddy lots and lots of toys today. Daddy’s friends children are now in primary school and their interest has now swing to computer games, board games and card games.

There were plastic bags and one big big basket full of toys. Dozens and dozens of them – action figurine toys, McD’s and KFC toys, play-doh sets, cooking set, a set of wild animals toys, soft toys – big and small and some with sound, cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, a set of old drums, an electrical keyboard, a remote control car, two battery operated dancing dolls, alphabet mats, a bowling set and a writing table.

We are planning to wash everything tomorrow and keep more than half of the toys for future playing. We gave a few away to one of their poor give year old friend.

Anyway, it’s a good post-Christmas gift for the kids.

Brendan & Eryn engrossed with their “new” toys.

Monday, January 2, 2006

We took Brendan to his friend’s birthday party at MacDonald’s Sunway Pyramid last night. It was one of my very good childhood friend’s eldest son early 2nd birthday celebration. It was Brendan’s second time eating at a fastfood restaurant. He doesn’t seem to like fastfood except for French fries which I find to be a little salty for children. Well, he liked the hot milo too. So, that was his dinner. Well, he had “dessert” later – his usual nen-nen.

Brendan giving Dennis a big birthday hug!

Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year 2006

It’s a brand new year and I wish for a brand new me. Things at work have been quite uncertain for me and I do wonder where this year will head on. I’m starting work officially at a new environment in 2 days time. Same company, different situation, different environment, different location, different experience. I’ve no resolutions to set this year. I’ve no time to sit and think carefully about any resolutions actually.

There are so many things on my mind, and I’m trying to reorganize myself at this point of time.

Currently, I’m pretty much contented with the time I’m spending with my kids and contented that my mum is still so kind to help us out with the kids while we work, The kids alone are a blessing to me and it over-rules all other worries I always have.

Here’s taking the opportunity share with you one of my favourite sms greetings of all time :

“GOD will be ABOVE you – to BLESS you,
BELOW you – to SUPPORT you,
BEFORE you to GUIDE you,
BEHIND you, to PROTECT you,
BESIDE you – to COMFORT you,
And INSIDE you – to SUSTAIN you.


New Year's Eve

Instead of going out for a night’s fun, the whole family decided to stay in to watch Lord Of The Ring on tv and wait for the clock to strike midnight. The kids had been out too much before Christmas and in one 3-days-in-a-row outing where we’d been back late, Eryn had been sleeping at midnight since that outing until now. So, we are trying to “retune” her sleeping schedule.

Our apartment is situated on a hill and we had the lucky opportunity to view various fireworks going on at the padang near our house, at another nearby hill situated not far from where we are as well as fireworks at Sunway, Bukit Jalil and some unknown location. Brendan and Eryn had already fallen asleep when it was almost midnight.

Suddenly, there were sounds of firecrackers and while watching tv, we saw fireworks at around midnight. Brendan loves looking at fireworks and we tried to wake Brendan up. As he was so sleepy, we had to carry him out of bed. After swinging his head from side to side, up and down for few good minutes, he finally fluttered his eyes to see what the loud voices and fusses were all about. At the sight of the beautiful fireworks, he immediately opened his eye big-big and started pointed here and there up in the sky, going “wah!..... wah!......cantik-cantik…..”

With the loud noises and the “wahs” and “ooooos” and “cantik-cantik”, Eryn too woke up from her sleep. We too carried her to the balcony to join in the family fun of fireworks-watching. After more than half hour, they both dozed off to sleep happily.


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