Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year's Eve

Instead of going out for a night’s fun, the whole family decided to stay in to watch Lord Of The Ring on tv and wait for the clock to strike midnight. The kids had been out too much before Christmas and in one 3-days-in-a-row outing where we’d been back late, Eryn had been sleeping at midnight since that outing until now. So, we are trying to “retune” her sleeping schedule.

Our apartment is situated on a hill and we had the lucky opportunity to view various fireworks going on at the padang near our house, at another nearby hill situated not far from where we are as well as fireworks at Sunway, Bukit Jalil and some unknown location. Brendan and Eryn had already fallen asleep when it was almost midnight.

Suddenly, there were sounds of firecrackers and while watching tv, we saw fireworks at around midnight. Brendan loves looking at fireworks and we tried to wake Brendan up. As he was so sleepy, we had to carry him out of bed. After swinging his head from side to side, up and down for few good minutes, he finally fluttered his eyes to see what the loud voices and fusses were all about. At the sight of the beautiful fireworks, he immediately opened his eye big-big and started pointed here and there up in the sky, going “wah!..... wah!......cantik-cantik…..”

With the loud noises and the “wahs” and “ooooos” and “cantik-cantik”, Eryn too woke up from her sleep. We too carried her to the balcony to join in the family fun of fireworks-watching. After more than half hour, they both dozed off to sleep happily.


Zara's Mama said...

Brendan speak Malay? Cute..

We wanted to bring Zara to see the New Year fireworks as well, but I thought it was too late for her, so didn't bother.

Baby Smooches said...

haha. influenced by our maid. ya, it can be too late for babies to be out just to see fireworks

geetha said...

Yeah, my boy can also speak some words in Malay. So cute when he says those words. He also laughs when I speak Malay. He thinks I only speak English. Even when I speak Tamil he laughs. He assumes that only his gransparents speak Tamil. He finds it funny..

My boys were fast asleep. The fireworks were right in front of my house (in the playground) (someone was having a house warming dinner). But that didn't wake them up! Imagine!


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