Sunday, September 11, 2005

TV talking to me?

It was after dinner. I was sitting down chatting with my mum while carrying Eryn on my lap. Hubby was playing with Brendan while the maid was cleaning up the table.

Out of a sudden, everyone froze and looked at each other.

"hahahahaha...". The sound came from Eryn. I mean, Eryn is only 2 months+ !! What sound could that be? A laughter? All heads turned to Eryn.

Again........ "hahahahaha.." Eryn was "watching" TV and she thought that the newscaster was talking to her! She started babble & smile and laugh again.

Everyone started laughing.

Well, that was Brendan, screaming away, trying to gain our attention. sigh!


Tracy said...

Aiyo, Sharon, could u type the print in ur blog to a bigger point size leh? Nearly 'popped my eyes out' to read (hee, hee, getting old wor). Anyway, managed to read the whole piece without using the hand lens (not too old yet). But later found another way by clicking the 'show original post' (hee, hee, not too late though).

Eryn must have enjoyed watching the auntie or uncle talking to her. Luckily she was watching and laughing at the newscaster and not at the blank TV!!!

Baby Smooches said...

Okie dokie, will increase the size a little. hehe. Am new to this and have no time to learn about the editinglah. Need some experts' help.

Ya- lah! Terperanjat only, this Eryn. We thought what happened until we saw her eyes glued to the TV! :-D


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