Friday, September 30, 2005

"mandi kerbau"

Brendan saw mummy entering room.
Brendan follows.
Mummy's not in the room. Mummy's in the bathroom.
Brendan goes : Eh? Mama? (softly)
Mummy : (silent)
Brendan, knocking on bathroom door : Mama? (softly)
Mummy : (silent still)
Brendan : Mama? Mama?! (louder)
Mummy : (silent than ever)
Brendan : MAMA?! MA MEE?! MA MEEEEEEE!!!!
Mummy : Yes, Brendan? Mummy's in the toilet. Mummy wants to pom-pom (shower)
(Brendan takes a stool to the bathroom door and opens it).
Brendan : Mama? (softly again) pom-pom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
(Brendan closes door and runs off happily....)


AsleyLee said...

Oh, Brendan is malu le once knowing mummy wants pom-pom.

jazzmint said...

hehe..saja wanna kacau mommy then runaway hoh

Sue said...

wah... he acts like mummy going for pom-pom is such a rare event leh, laugh until like that LOL

michelle said...

Hehehe, my children also was once like Brendan. Now I got Barney or Hi 5 to distract them while I have more time to bath.

mom2ashley said... cute...

Zara's Mama said...

why long time no blog?

Baby Smooches said...

got! got! blogging time limited. coming soon... :-)


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