Tuesday, October 4, 2005

hee hor hee hor

" ... we have oredi sending out the skillers last week. The shongs pleesenthird will only know later once we get the confirmation from the organising people. The tare-gate group is.... "
(practically translated as ".... we had sent out the circulars last week. We'll only know the songs to be presented upon confirmation from the organisers. The target group is...").

Well, that was 'pleesenthird' by the presenter in one of the many presentations I attended quite recently. Sometimes, I have to stretch my ear to understand what was spoken. My colleagues like to call these people the "hee hors" (started from one sentence which was something like this : "he went to the...." It then became "he hor, went to the...").

Sometimes, the china-beng, err...... the chinese can't seem to speak properly. I can understand the grammar mistakes but when the pronounciation (especially the "r") goes haywire, it's really, really hard to comprehend what is being said. With all the "lahs", "lor", "hah?", "mah", etc in our malaysian conversation, things get worst when more rojaks are added in. I'm one of those who use a lot of Malaysian slang, but only in my casual conversation mah...

I have lots of friends who can't speak proper "Inggrishh". "England" no good, I can understand. But when you hear it in a public presentation to dozens of people, where lah you going to hide your face?

Something should be done to improve Malaysian's English (I'm not saying mine is good coz I've only got a credit and not a distinction in my 1119 English exams).

*beep beep* I received an sms on my handphone. "hee hor hee hor" it read.....


mom2ashley said...

hee hor hee hor! ahahhaha...ya i know what you mean...it's quite sickening to the ears in public presentations....but in casual talk/conversations...it's too formal without all the las and the lers...and for sabahans..the bahs...like "ya bah..." (fyi I am a Sabahan :) )

Tracy said...

Aiyo, Sharon, u not saying about me hor? Rr are u ar? (hee, hee)

Agree with u and Dinah. True to say that it's very sickening listening to speeches with the ...ar ... ar.. and he hor and more arrs and he hors. Rather get a good presenter who's well versed in speeches or else no speeches at all.

FYI, I enjoy listening to speeches from the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, be it in BM, Mandarin or English.

Baby Smooches said...

haha, Tracy, makan the cili already ar? no lah, am not referring to you. I'm ok with conversation coz some of my friends speak that way. But public speeches are a big no-no.


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