Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I was amused at one recent news on the naming of the Chinese Astronaut. Taikonaut? When I first read that word, I did wonder why they choose taiko... coz in my opinion a taiko is someone prominent in the underworld groups.. (ya, see how naive I can be?) When I read further on, Taikonaut seems to be the better choice due to it's easier pronounciation over two other proposed words. Apparently, taiko is derived from the word 'tai-kong' which means 'space' in chinese.

Once, I remember hearing a joke by a radio DJ, Tim, over Red FM.

He said something like this : a person who goes into space is known as an Astronaut. The Russian Astronaut is called as a Cosmonaut. The Chinese Astronaut is called a Taikonaut. What do you call a Malaysian who sends its first Astronaut into space??

One call came in and the guy said something-naut (can't remember the word).

Tim later said that the Malaysian Astronaut will be known as a DATUK.

hahahahaha! Good one, Tim!


Egghead said...

err.. if they really send a Malaysian Astronaut to space in a Made in Malaysia rocket... I think you can safely call that fella a "nut"... since he is crazy enough to try that :P

AsleyLee said...

Maybe "Malay-naut" despite of the astronaut is Chinese or Malay. Or, San-Fan-naut, "San-Fan" in hakka means (orang kampung)..

Those big countries always think our Malaysian are orang "San Fan"..

mom2ashley said...


Loc Kee said...

hihi... didnt even know my trading house was linked by you tim :p pai seh hoh... 1st time here nia.

Ya Datuk-Nut!!!

maria said...

today in Star, Reggie Lee called Malaysian astronaut -- "can or not"
I roll on the floor laugh out loud.


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